Tom Brady in defense of Antonio Brown: “We all love him”

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01/03/2022 –

Wchicken wide receiver Antonio Brown was suspended by the NFL for three games due to falsification of his COVID-19 vaccination letter. Tampa bay pirates Head coach Bruce Arians and legendary defender Tom Brady defended the player and greeted him with open arms.

Following the latest of Brown’s many scandals, in which he left the Buccaneers in a third-quarter win over New york jetsArians gave up, but the seven-time Super Bowl champion, believe it or not, took to the defense of the now former teammate.

Antonio Brown retired from pirates

“This is a tricky situation,” Brady said. “I think that everyone should do everything possible to help him in the way he really needs it. We all love him, we care deeply about him. We want him to be on top, and, unfortunately, with our team. “

Brady said during a post-match press conference after the 17th NFL week game that he didn’t know what happened until he was informed in the locker room that Brown had left the locker room after dumping his jersey and all of his gear, going out naked. – honored and saluted to booing fans in MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ when he left the field.

Brady saw no incident with Brown

“We have a lot of friendships that will last for a long time. I think the most important thing in football is the relationship with your friends and teammates, and they go beyond the football field, ”said Brady. “I think everyone should show compassion and empathy for some of the very difficult things that are happening right now.”

The Buccaneers have already won the AFC South title for the first time since 2007 and will try to repeat it as Super Bowl champions without Antonio Brown and Chris Godwinwho is injured.

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