Tokyo Police: Is HBO Max’s new crime thriller a true story?


Tupcoming HBO Series, tokyo vicewill hit small screens today, April 7, with three episodes premiered.

TV series taken from the book “Tokyo Vice” written Jake Adelstein. It describes Adelstein’s life during his time as a journalist in the Japanese capital.

Tokyo Vice is a real story?

Yes it is.

in hbo series reveals a dangerous underworld taking place in Tokyo in the 1990s.

It’s inspired by experience lived Jake Adelstein.

Adelstein moved to Japan at the age of 19, studied Japanese literature in Sofia University.

Jail Adelstein was first non-Japanese staff writer to work in Yomiuri Shinbunho, one of the most famous Japanese newspapers.

yomiuri shimbun administers a standardized test open to all college students. Many Japanese firms hire young graduates this way,” Adelstein said.

“My friends thought the idea of ​​a white guy trying to get through Japanese journalist the exam was so incredibly quixotic that I wanted to prove them wrong.”

“I did well enough in the initial exam to get an interview and managed to get through the process and get a job. I think I was an experimental case that turned out to be good enough.”

Adelstein was crime reporter when he contacted the Japanese authorities and a mafia group called Yakuza.

Jake Adelstein not only wrote the book, but also acted as executive producer show.

Who’s on the show?

Ansel Elgort was the actor selected to play Adelstein on the HBO series. Elgort’s great successes were “Baby on the Drive” as well as ‘West Side Story’.

He will act alongside Ken Watanabe as well as Rinko Kikuchitwo of the world’s most famous Japanese actors.

you can watch tokyo vice on the HBOMax.


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