Todt: We can only hope that Michael Schumacher gets better.


DDecember 29, 2021 marks eight years since Michael Schumacherterrible ski accident in the French Alps. From that day back in 2013, the former Ferrari The driver’s health was kept secret, as all information was carefully guarded by his family.

In a documentary recently released by Netflix, SchumacherCorinne’s wife did not reveal any details about her husband’s health, but the former Ferrari team leader Jean Todt expressed a desire to see the German recover.

“I can understand why his family and friends are protecting him because we have to leave him alone,” Todt told The Mail.

Michael is fightinghe is struggling and we can only hope he gets better.

“Corinna, as you can see from the documentary, is a wonderful wife. How she talked about Michael and what she does for him is just a miracle.

“And this, [I stay] remove for a long time [during my visits to Schumacher]… If Corinna is there, we’ll have dinner together. If not, I spend time with Michael, but … “

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