Toast to Raul del Pozo

This was not a presentation of the book, but his performanceand it happened in the theater. Aside from the simple association of ideas, a group of friends met last Friday in Madrid’s old Paja district who seemed to want to relive some things. The atmosphere, of course, was welcoming, and this well-known ballroom was transformed into an impromptu party booth hosted by a football player. So distributed between wine and chairs, several of the most famous persons of the Spanish press gathered around the man, Raul del Pozo, and his two black men, responsible for excavating some of the memoirs that he did not want to write because he found them unattractive to the general public. The anecdote that was unleashed ultimately refuted it.

On Give the dog no more whiskey (Sphere of books), a book about Raul del Pozo, Jesus Fernandez Ubeda and Julio Valdeon published almost a year ago and which could not properly represent due to the pandemic, the memories that are still held by third parties about the veteran journalist follow one another. “These guys made me a big bitch,” he explained during the performance. “They only talked to my friends, because all my enemies are dead, but they told them a lot of atrocities.” Maybe that’s why, to keep things from getting out of hand, it was her friend. Ana Rosa Quintana responsible for the moderation of interventions.

In general terms, the meaning of the meeting was beautifully described by Fernandez Ubeda when he explained to Del Pozo that no one was there to present the book. “They came because they love you, to celebrate their friendship with you. Here you are the main character“He had to tell him emphatically because the journalist didn’t seem to want all the attention to be focused on him alone. Thus, he spread compliments left and right, took an interest in the precarious position of young journalists, and applauded dedicated people there. were there and he invited us for a drink, especially for it, as if simply writing his memoir was an excuse for throwing a party to enjoy the open bar at night.

Of course they didn’t let him get away with it. At least until they drink the necessary sip of memories of his life. Before that, he even had to endure a shower of compliments from two of his memorialists. Valdeon, for example, emphasized in him “his kindness, intelligence and the highest generosity.” “Raoul has always treated us disinterestedly, the young pens who don’t know how to break through,” he explained. Fernandez Ubeda went even further: “Being able to write the memoirs of the best journalist in Spain was the greatest honor of my life.” AND people didn’t stop clapping

The legendary days were also remembered at Café Gijón, which has now passed the baton to Café Varela; youth and freedom that breathed in the newspaper Village; the day on which, on the eve of news of Hirohito’s death, Del Pozo escaped the open mic curse on Luis del Olmo’s program and ultimately unleashed a diplomatic problem; literary panorama and good work of a journalist in the black genre; his past in Cuenca, which gave him everything from an educational relationship with “an impressive nature that no longer exists” to his desire to survive, which eventually led him around the world; and aloud various reflections. “Leaving Madrid is a mistake“Del Pozo started, for example.” Especially now, when it is a paradise of freedom. Madrid is an open book, a city of freedom. Similar to what was in Amsterdam at that time. “

Although this freedom, from his point of view, would be contrary to the position of the press and the right to freedom of expression. “I don’t remember living in a time of greater compulsion,” concluded Del Pozo. “And on top of that, it comes from the people themselves, on social media. The parties then feed him and benefit from it. They play it. a very difficult time for freedom of expressionbecause we live in constant compulsion that has spread to the press. “Now the press is demonstrating unprecedented heracilism,” he said. And those present applauded. Finally, they listened as Ana Rosa finished her turn to pay her tribute to her friend, whom she defined as “someone who is always there. A man who intuitively comes forward and hugs you when you need it. That’s why I go where they say your name, ”he said. And a taint of enthusiasm in the rest of the room confirmed that a group of friends had gathered there to remember some things. Always with Raoul from the Well in them.

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