TJ Watt COVID: Another Test For Steelers LB Coming Back This Weekend


Pittsburgh Steelers got bad news when the star midfielder Tj watt got into reserves / COVID list… Although they still don’t know who can play against Baltimore crows on Sunday, the team still has high hopes for TJ Watt. The star midfielder has been on the list for the past five days after testing positive. Anyway, Pro Football Talk confirmed that Watts gave his first negative test result for Friday and opens up its chances to play on Sunday… In fact, all he has to do is take another negative test on Saturday and he will get the green light.

Early in the morning Pittsburgh Steelers will do Watt take another test and wait for him to come back with good news for the team. In accordance with COVID NFL Health Protocols, players who test positive must take two consecutive negative tests at least 24 hours before the next game. If they don’t, they have to wait until they bring the expected results. Watt added to the list that already contains Joe Haden missed his second game in a row with a foot injury. Also protective gear Cam Hayward During Friday’s practice, he was nowhere to be seen due to an unknown illness, and no one knows if he will be available to play.

Why is Watt so important to Pittsburgh?

Getting the star midfielder back on track is a huge challenge for the team. Steelers, they urgently need a defender with WattImpressive reflexes and game reading ability. In this season Watt already has 12.5 sacks, despite missing all parts from 4 games. As they face one of the strongest teams in Nfl, Steelers have a 5-5-1 record. Baltimore crows so far this season they are doing well with a record of 8: 3. The game takes place in Heinz Field on Saturday at 1:25 pm PST.

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