Tito Noel aka Green Soldier to Bashers: “Ayaw nyong tumigil ah! O eto tatay mo blue!”


From Green to Blue: Tito Noel aka Green Soldier Beats Up Bashers

TITO NOEL: The content creator and mime street artist, also known as Green Soldier, took to social media to target his attackers.

Credits to the rightful owner of the photos.

Tito Noel, whose real name is Jhonwel Reyes, is one of the most popular street mimes in the country. He started acting as a mime in 2014. He dresses up in various costumes to entertain the audience and one of the most memorable acts of his is Green Soldier.

Before becoming a street artist, he had different jobs, such as a rickshaw driver, construction worker, service team member, janitor, and factory worker.

After making a name for himself on the video-sharing platform TikTok with his hilarious performances, he moved to Baguio. His income is now enough to meet his family’s needs. She also performs at birthday parties and other events. Despite bringing joy to the people, the Green Soldier has many detractors.

Earlier, he went to the social networking site, Facebook posted a snapshot of him and his partner during a maternity shoot. In the photo, he can be seen wearing his signature “Green Soldier” costume, while his partner was also wearing green.

While the street performer mime receives congratulatory messages from netizens, he also received comments teasing his upcoming baby. There were netizens joking that Tito Noel’s next baby could also turn green. However, the joke was not taken positively.

His fans expressed their dismay that the mime could not accept humor when his job was supposed to be making others laugh. But in his latest post, he relies on netizens’ jokes.

He published a photo of himself with his partner, this time dressed in blue. His post was accompanied by the caption: “AYAW NYONG TUMIGIL AH! O ETO TATAY MO BLUE!” As expected, his post generated reactions from netizens.

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