Titans and Packers deny Aaron Rodgers rumors


TOmiddle Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger retirement, there was a lot of speculation about Aaron Roger’s future with Green Bay Packers. Aaron’s report came out the other day buying land in tennessee and gave rise to rumors of his possible arrival on the Titans. But that all changed this Saturday when the Titans CEO and team confirmed they were happy with the quarterback. Ryan Tanhill. That’s not all, no. packers also confirmed that they want Aaron to play with them for at least one more season.

What did the Titans and Packers say about Rogers?

In an interview with A to Z Sports TitansGM John Robinson explained why the rumors about Rogers are not true: “Ryan is our quarterback. He made a lot of games for us. He is an excellent leader. He is extremely tough. looking forward to when he gets back there, gets back on track and gets on with the job.” It is quite clear that Tennessee will not be Rogers‘next destination, but we also need to see that packers they say.

how much Green Bay Packers go, the team has a clear idea of ​​what they want from their quarterback. This season, he still played at the elite level and led the team to the playoffs. the president Mark Murphy wrote the following statement packersweekly column posted on the team’s website: “The key factor will be whether Aaron Rogers to return in the 2022 season. Matt, Brian, EVP/COO Russ Ball and I agree that we want Aaron to return.” Murphy wrote. “Probably he will win his fourth league. Best playeris the undisputed leader of our team and is still playing at a high level at 38.”


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