Tired of basic shoes? With these Aloha ankle boots you will complete your look


It is true that boots can be the most versatile option in footwear for the cold season of the year, autumn and winter. But it is also true that in some situations you will need an option that gives you elegance. Assuming it is, we will discover these Aloha’s South Kaleidoscope Black Stone Beige Print Ankle Boots.

We are talking about premium international footwear, a product that will make a difference. Imagine yourself wearing them at a party or event, you’re sure to attract attention wherever you go.

Aloha’s ankle boots for a perfect look

The main features of these boots

If we look at its features, we find ourselves with 8.5 centimeter heeled boots. We think this is a sufficient height to see and feel you longer, but without being uncomfortable.

Of course, they are made of leather of the highest purity, and this ensures that you can use them for years. To extend its life, it is best that you follow the recommendations in this regard and care of the manufacturer itself.

It is also worth noting that all shoes of this brand are designed with leather certified by the Leather Working Group. This means durable leather, impactful dyeing and therefore less pollution.

Colors and sizes

Another good news has to do with the color combinations available, because although they are the most popular It has black, stone and beige tones, there are several possible combinations for these booties made in Spain.

Tired of basic shoes?  With these Aloha ankle boots you will complete your look

You also need to pay close attention to the sizes, which range from 35 to 42, but with peace of mind that, according to the evaluations of those who have already bought them, the sizes of Aloha coincide with the sizes of many other companies.

In any case, if you were unsure between two sizes, they recommend ordering the larger one if it shrinks slightly, a reaction that leather usually has when subjected to the first cleaning processes.

Half price

But if everything said so far is already interesting, you will be happy to know that you can get this unique shoe for half the original cost, which was 280.00 euros, paid only 140.00 euros.

That is, you save almost 150 euros on an item that is bought only once per decade. Obviously, it’s an opportunity you shouldn’t miss if you want to look modern and sophisticated.

They will arrive at your address in a week, so hurry if you have an important event soon.


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