Tips to Succeed in Your First Voice Over Audition

Tips to Succeed in Your First Voice Over Audition

Your dream is to be a professional voice actor. While you may have completed your voice acting course and invested in some of the best voice over recording equipment, it’s the voice-over audition that will eventually mark your success in this voice-over industry. 

Recording a voice audition or demo is the first step in a long process of being successful as a voice artist. Whether delivering a Documentary voice-over or narration for an Audiobook, auditions are required to be navigated with consideration, technical expertise, and creative imagination. Experienced voice artists know how to prepare well for the audition and how to deliver what needs to be delivered. 

Recognizing the following skills will help you to nail the audition easily and will turn the daunting ordeal of an audition into an opportunity that will see you working and moving your career forward.

Know The Script

It doesn’t matter if you are voicing a full-fledged role or just a few lines of the story, you need to have a thorough understanding of the role and the story. If you have the whole play or script, read it all to know the crux of the story and how you can recreate the narration without omitting the essence of the character. Whoever you’re portraying, they have an objective within that film or play. Know this objective, and understand that interpreting the script and performing it is totally in your hands. Trying out different techniques for bringing out the character, including the subtleties of voice acting, using your own judgment and expertise, and following the instructions and timeline can help you to deliver a flawless audition.

Have confidence

This is the most important skill you need to have to give a professional voice recording. Confident voice artists ooze conviction that they will be delivering the recordings in the best possible manner. You need to have faith in yourself and not be shy or nervous during recording as it will reflect on your final output. Remember that you are good at what you do and use that self-assured attitude when you do for an audition. Let go of your inhibitions and let your instincts take over. And don’t forget to put your best foot forward – that’s the lasting impression you want to leave. 

Let Your Personality Speak

It’s a no-brainer that your personality is what’s going to win you the audition, so make sure to always be yourself. While every job has its guidelines, there is plenty of room for creativity in your voice even within the constraints. Make the client feel that your unique voice can help to breathe life into the character. If they like it – you’re hired, and if not – that means you’re just not the right person for the part. How you approach the job should reflect your own unique style, voice, and interpretation. Always make sure your personality shines through because only you and your qualities can make the character look more interesting than it already is.

Stay Natural

While it is important to feel the levels and dynamics in the scene it is also important to not overdo any action and enact naturally. Voice acting requires skills that are developed through experience. To not feel ‘forced’, you need to let the character speak for you and then see where you are going to end up. Don’t try to be stiff while showing the character’s vulnerability. Be natural, react like you would react and maintain your calm to bring out the best of your character’s persona. Use your personality, your perspective, and your experience to create your own uniquely flavored script that no one else is going to think of. 

Practice As Often

You should practice as much as you can and work on your cold reading skills as scripts are always not available to the voice talents beforehand. Cold reading can be a daunting experience but with practice, most voice actors can become quite adept at it. The best way is to read out loud, as often as you can. Enunciation is one of the biggest building blocks that voice actors need to overcome. Practicing the script and doing vocal warmups such as lip trills and tongue twisters can help to deliver your voice with full strength. It’s okay to fumble over a word or two, just try to stay true to the character and make the client believe that you are thinking and feeling the words on the page.

Sometimes, you may be asked to deliver the script again keeping different elements in mind. You must understand that the client has different perceptions of the same character and your ability to adapt can help to take the performance to a whole different level. 

Also, don’t stay hung up on one audition. After completing a strong take for one script, send it in and relax. Then, get to work on finding your next audition. Putting work into finding auditions is as important as actually doing well. The internet has provided voice-over artists with more opportunities than ever. If you are trying to make it big by uploading your demos on the online platforms, Voyzapp – the best voice over company in India, can help you to reach out to a global audience and get better voice over opportunities easily.

Memorable auditions happen when you dig into scripts and practice as much as you can. Remember to keep these thoughts in mind before and during your auditions.