Ticket prices for the March Madness final dropped sharply


TTo some extent responsible for the fall in prices for NCAA Basketball final game.

Most college basketball fans still can’t figure out what happened to Duke to kick him out of the most anticipated game of the year.

Sales hit

Thus, the bad taste left by the surprise of the semi-finals made a large number of people decide not to visit the arena where the winning team of the March Madness will be known.

As a result, ticket prices have plummeted, and it is even predicted that a few tickets will be sold out minutes before the start of the game.

Before UNC took down Duke and Kansas eliminated Villanova, the most expensive seats to watch the final game at the court level were valued at $9,423, and there were several instances where people paid that price.

However, they may now regret spending so much as tickets have dropped to $5,561, almost half their highest price.

The emotional blow some people have experienced after seeing their favorite team drop in the previous round of the tournament is such that there are still tickets available for the final game for as little as $22 when they went over $123 on Saturday morning, as listed by the hot ticket app. , gametime.

Trainer without a crown

Some pundits point out that the biggest blow to fans in general was how Coach K, who had won 5 national championships with Duke, would eventually walk away with the pipe dream of leaving with another trophy, having previously announced his retirement.

What is certain is that while some fans are mourning their team, others are close to celebrating the crown received on a night when emotions will run high.


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