Three women and thirteen children: the most personal side of the Emir of Qatar, in the spotlight


Now that the Soccer World Cup has kicked off its 2022 edition in Qatar, many have been the eyes that have rested on the Royal House of a country around which criticism has revolved of the last days. And it is that, despite the fact that it may seem that many European monarchies are against holding a sporting event of such caliber in an enclave that does not enjoy total freedom for its citizens, the residents there seem to be delighted with hosting this football quote with the greatest of illusions, especially taking into account the Emir’s passion for this field, having chosen in 2005 to found Qatar Sports Investments and later take control of the Paris Saint-Germaina team that has the most outstanding stars of all time.

The Kings with the Emir of Qatar and his wife / Gtres

And it is that, if there is a person who stands out especially in the 11,571 square kilometers of Qatar, it is, without a doubt, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. How could it be otherwise, the Emir is one of the most powerful people on the planethaving had the opportunity to carry out his academic training in the most prestigious centers in England: Sherborne School, Harrow School and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where he also prepared the Prince Guillermo.

The Emir of Qatar with Queen Elizabeth / Gtres
The Emir of Qatar with Queen Elizabeth / Gtres

Far from remaining anchored solely in the functions of his role at the head of the Qatari Crown, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani wanted to go further within the sphere of business, with allies ranging from British Airways to Barclays Bank, passing through Volkswagen. So much so, that in Guardian confirm that this Royal Family has more properties within the United Kingdom than even the Royal House of England, thus having a Fortune that amounts to more than 450,000 million dollars.

A personal side that does not go unnoticed

However, far from standing out for his power, the sheikh draws special attention in everything related to his private life, and it is not for less. The Emir has three wives, something totally normal within Islamic law as long as the husband treats all of them in the same way, without favoring any. Secondly, As a result of these three marriages, no more and no less than thirteen children have been bornseven boys and six girls, of which one of them will be his successor on the Qatari throne.

The Emir of Qatar applauding / Gtres
The Emir of Qatar applauding / Gtres

However, who usually accompanies him on state trips such as the one that took place last May in Spain It is his first wife, Jawaher bint Hamad bin Suhaim Al Thani, being the mother of four of the Sheikh’s children and his second cousin, thus following the tradition of marrying someone from his family. The second wife is none other than Al-Anoud bint Mana Al Hajri, mother of five of his children; and finally, the third is Noora bint Hathal Al Dosari, with whom she has had four children.


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