Three Similarities and Differences Between Ron DeSantis, ‘Trump in Florida’ and Díaz Ayuso


Without a doubt, Ron DeSantis is election winner in the middle of the United States. A member of a political generation that grew up with Donald Trump’s breasts and tweets, he distanced himself from the former president as his main rival in 2024.Thanks to his landslide victory in the polls, he has been re-elected governor Florida, based on a policy similar to Isabel Ayuso.It was the clash between the president of Madrid, who was accused a few days ago by the finance minister and the PSOE’s number two, María Jesús Montero “Introducing Trumpism at its worst” There are several similarities to DeSantis, who they call “Trump 2.0.” There are also some notable differences.

The two politicians are the same age (44) and they are right wing without complex they have election pull indisputable. DeSantis Elected Florida Governor in 2018 By the hair, 32463 votes difference. This week he won by a million and a half votes, the biggest victory for a Florida governor in 40 years.

trump card He expects a “red wave” of Republican color to start his 2024 campaign from that crest. With a tie in the Senate and a fiasco in the House, his strategy failed.Most likely in the next few days he will announce his return White House. to be sure, in the same florida and on the same side found an opponent.

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In fact, the only “red wave” US election map takes place in florida Republicans they have conquered four seats In the Republican House of Representatives, which belongs to Democrats. The reason is DeSantis’ pull, and his redesign of the electoral map in favor of his party. It is worth mentioning that in the United States, unlike Spain, the constituencies are all provinces, and the map is adjusted every time.that’s why it Having a governor is important Party: They can make a county belong to one district or another, which is an essential “dirty” job when things are very close.

That’s not the case this time, with election Hurricane DeSantis prevalent in 62 of Florida’s 67 counties.That million-and-a-half votes translate into 20 points margin (59.5%) against his Democratic opponent, charlie christ (39.9%) held this position from 2007 to 2011.

The first similarity, election pull

election pull superior to his partyis the first parallel between the Florida governor and rising star on the Republican right and the Madrid president, whose predictions in the ranks of the PP exceed the limits of his administration.

Ayuso manages to double votes in 2021 And got the results of the 2019 PP following a government deal with Ciudadanos with external support from Vox, which made him the community chair. The latest polls leave their electoral expectations at the door of an outright majority.Therefore, El Español’s sociometrics places PP in the 66 seats, 46% of the votesgreater than the sum of the three left formations: more madrid (twenty%), PSOE (15%) and can (5.4%). Vox will get 10% of the vote as Party C disappears from the regional chamber. In El Mundo’s sigmados poll, PP trailed an absolute majority with 47.4% of the vote, ahead of Más Madrid (18%) and PSOE (16.4%). Vox is included in 9%, IU is close to 5% and is in danger of disappearing from the Madrid Chamber.

Sanchez looking for candidates for Madrid

The government seems to have conceded defeat Community of Madrid. Pedro Sánchez focuses on finding a good candidate for city council capital, through the drag effect improves the outcome of autonomy. At the same time, he and his ministers have not hesitated to pursue an ideological confrontation with Ayuso, which undoubtedly enhances her leadership.

A second similarity between DeSantis and Ayuso is his attitude, albeit with important nuances, before covid. “Talking to voters in Miami – Nada Tawfik on the BBC – Ron DeSantis arouse intense passion. But a message repeated over and over again among those who support it: They’re starting to like it during the pandemic When he refused locks, vaccination requirements and mandatory use of masks in the name of personal freedom. “

more similarities

like ayuso, desantis Reopening the economy before anyone else. If Madrid became the favorite destination for French people eager to party and escape restrictions, the same thing happened to the beaches of Miami. “Florida Be America’s hot spot, welcoming New Yorkers fleeing coronavirus, taxes, and expensive living.Finally, disaster no worse than new yorkespecially if you consider that Florida has the highest median age”, Arnaud Leparmentier in “Le Monde‘.

DeSantis has hundreds test Center, bought millions of masks, but it was his reopening of schools in July 2020 that swayed voters. and previous businesses.

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This third similarity Between the governor of Florida and the president of Madrid is their political stance. Right wing, without prejudice. DeSantis made his first foray into politics at the age of 34 when he was elected in 2012 as a congressional representative from one of Florida’s most conservative districts. He belongs to an anti-tax movement called the Tea Party, which opposes U.S. health legislation. Barack Obama. He criticized his administration’s “interventionism on a variety of issues, from children’s weight to the temperature of the planet.” At a conservative conference in Texas this year, he summed up his journey this way: “My mission is to stop Obama”. In Washington, he aligned himself with the founders of the far-right conservative Freedom Caucus.

Nothing shrewd in the Street Approach movement, a regular on Fox, the pro-Trump TV channel, and the then-president tweeted his explicit support for the gubernatorial seat in 2018 Florida. is famous for his campaign ad in which he plays with one of his children “Raise the Wall” Use toy blocks to teach another person to read Trump’s slogan, Make America Great Again, and then jokingly blurt out, “So, Trump said: You are fired”. Qualified Election TechnologistThe New Yorker‘ The ad has been called “the dumbest, most effective ad in Florida history.

DeSantis and his wife after their victory in Florida.


They are also different

The ideological struggle led him to charter two planes last September to bring 48 Venezuelan migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard, The chicest place on the Massachusetts coast.The aim is to expose the Democratic Party bring problems to their doorHe defended himself after being accused of using migrants as throwing weapons: “It’s a shame, but we’ve managed to bring the issue to the fore.”

The most striking difference between the two leaders is their pre-political career. Ayuso’s father, devoted to the hygiene trade, graduated in journalism from Complutense University and had little professional experience before entering politics.He joined New Generation in 2005 Paul is married He is their leader. Little by little, he climbed to positions related to political communication, his specialty.

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Specified PP top Casado himself, then party chairman, came second among the socialist candidates in the 2019 regional elections Angel Gabilondo Perot received the presidency after striking a government deal with Ciudadanos, which Vox backed from abroad.Ayuso is Divorced, no children.

DeSantis, a Catholic, was born in Jacksonville, Florida, the son of a TV installer and a nurse. study history exist Yale, where he was captain of the Harvard baseball and law teams. Two elite universities. Enlisted in the Navy in 2004, Assigned to Legal ServicesWhat prompted him to “work with detainees at Guantanamo and become legal adviser to the Iraqi SEALs,” the BBC said.

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exist in the navy He met reporter and TV commentator Kathy, who today is his wife, on the golf course.The couple has three children. One family was rated ‘The New Yorker‘As ‘customized for election manual’. CaseyAt 42, she has been trying to sweeten her husband’s image. “While I was fighting for my life – he declared after beating breast cancer – he was the father who took care of my children and helped me get out of bed I can’t physically. That’s Ron DeSantis. “

After that she was the one who led the recovery fund Hurricane Ian Raised $2 million in 24 hours. The hurricane killed 114 people in Florida, but allowed DeSantis to correct his image.If he emphasized on television in March “the contrast between a shivering and almost aged president, every time he opens his mouth to someone like me saying what I think, what I think, what I lead, his news The team all had to correct his words. I did get things done.” In October, after hugging him warmly, he welcomed him into a Joint appearance after hurricane: “We are excited to work with all levels of administration.”

Trump 2.0

The ability to cooperate with political opponents gives plus political status Commentators have called DeSantis “Trump with substance,” “Trump 2.0,” “Trump without baggage,” “Trump without madness,” or “Trump with no pending cases.” Trump”.

For a long time, his relationship with his mentor had not been the same.this time They didn’t run togetherIn addition, the former president opposed scheduling a rally in support of Sen. Marco Rubio, which he did not invite DeSantis to attend. Trump has recently toyed with the name of who has become his de facto main rival.I call it Ron DeSanctimious (Ron “meapilas”).


Trump’s preferred newspaper cover, New York Post day after the election beyond doubt By declaring DeSantis “DeFuture”. But note that Trump is now a wounded animal. Except for bad bugs. He has warned his nascent opponent”You can do a lot of damage to yourselfand he can reveal “things he might not be proud of”.

The two sides are likely to announce their respective candidate Fight for the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential nomination. Trump retains a lot of support at the grassroots level, has experience and files. DeSantis has two things that matter to him: money and votes.

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For the campaign that ended in victory last Tuesday, DeSantis Raised $200 million, more than anything accumulated since Trump left office.It is estimated that he has half left, and the foundation of the start is very solid Long primaries.

As for the ballots, many believe a DeSantis victory will put Florida in the Republican camp, ditch the swinging real estate label.The key is to get Latino vote 2020 went Biden Seven points ahead and now 15 points behind DeSantis.Even Miami-Dade County in 2016 Hillary Clinton 29 points ahead The Republican governor is a Republican governor who is the first party to win there since 2002.The county is not only populated by Cubans (traditionally Republicans), but also Puerto Ricans and South Americans, who tend to Lean toward the Democrats. “We’re tired of the promises Republicans never deliver,” one of them, John Sanchez, said this week. “Republicans share the same values ​​as us: ‘Family, Faith and Business.'”



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