Three meetings a day: NATO, G7 and EU unite against Putin in Brussels


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Three Peaks in a DayThe leaders of NATO, the G7 and the European Union met in Brussels on Thursday, with the priority goal of seamlessly uniting Western allies against the war. Vladimir Putin An attack was launched on Ukraine, which was only a month old. The President of the United States attends all meetings, Joe BidenIt also Special invitation to the Council of Europe.

The choreography of the meeting begins this morning with an extraordinary summit of the 30 heads of state and government of the Atlantic Alliance, who meet with maximum security at their futuristic headquarters in the Belgian capital. your general secretary, Jens StoltenbergUpon arrival it has been confirmed that NATO will ratify Double the number of multinationals Deployed on its eastern flank to thwart any temptation for the Kremlin to attack allies.

“The first step is to establish Four new battalions in the eastern part of the Union, in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia“, Stoltenberg explained. “We are facing the worst security crisis in a generation, which is why NATO must respond. Furthermore, we must rebuild our deterrence and defense posture in the long term,” he stressed. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky intervened via videoconference at NATO meetings as well as at EU meetings.

US President Joe Biden arrives in Brussels on Wednesday


NATO will agree to increase military support for Ukraine, providing air defense systems, anti-tank weapons, ammunition and fuel.but allies will return Reject Zelensky’s main demand: a no-fly zone to prevent Russian bombing. There was also no agreement on Poland’s proposal to send a peacekeeping mission to Ukraine.

“We have made it clear We will not send NATO troops to the ground Or NATO aircraft entering airspace. We do this because it is our responsibility to ensure that this conflict does not escalate beyond Ukraine. This will lead to more suffering, death and destruction,” Stoltenberg said.

Jens Stoltenberg speaks to the media ahead of Thursday's NATO summit

Jens Stoltenberg speaks to the media ahead of Thursday’s NATO summit


“Declaring a no-fly zone over Ukraine means we have to impose it. Setting up a no-fly zone means we have to massively attack Russian air defenses in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, and be ready to shoot down Russian planes…then Risk of all-out war between NATO and Russia is very high This will lead to more death and destruction,” the secretary-general said.

NATO warns Putin again Resist any temptation to use chemical weapons in the Ukrainian war, as its range can reach allied territories. Stoltenberg, however, shied away from clarifying whether this was the red line that triggered the league’s intervention. “There is always a risk of contamination because the chemicals are spread over a larger area. We can see the proliferation of chemical agents on NATO territory“, he pointed out.

French President Macron arrives at NATO summit

French President Macron arrives at NATO summit


The second summit of the day will also be held at NATO headquarters, which will bring together G7 leaders: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, USA, UK and Canada. Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, Those who have not attended any other meetings have expressly travelled to Brussels for this meeting.

G7 meeting will be devoted to Coordinate unprecedented international sanctions on MoscowThe priority now is not to approve the new measures, but to close all the loopholes and prevent the Kremlin or Putin’s oligarchs from evading sanctions.

Leaders of Western powers will also talk about Energy Crisis and Food Security Crisis This could lead to war. Ukraine and Russia account for 30% of world wheat exports and also have significant market shares in corn, barley and sunflower oil.

The third summit of the day was the spring session of the European Council, whose agenda has been completely changed due to the war in Ukraine. Biden will participate in the first part of the meeting, which is from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. “The idea is to reaffirm transatlantic unity in the current crisisDiplomatic sources explained that European leaders and the U.S. president will discuss the evolution of the conflict, how to support Ukraine and how to increase pressure on Russia.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks to media at NATO summit

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks to media at NATO summit


European leaders are far apart on sanctions. Poland and the Baltic states call for an immediate embargo on Russian oil, coal and gas. Germany and Hungary opposed. “Doing this overnight means plunge our country and Europe into recessionGerman Chancellor Olaf Schultz said on Wednesday.

Biden, who has already ordered an energy embargo on Russia, does not intend to pressure Europeans to follow in his footsteps, but waits for a strong statement from Brussels to reduce reliance on Russian gas. “Our priority now is not to ask Europe to take another step on sanctionsRather, it’s our way of developing a short-term strategy to help reduce dependence and create more freedom and flexibility for Europeans,” said Jack Sullivan, his national security adviser.

For their part, the 27 will ask Biden to increase shipments of LNG to Europe as an alternative to Russian gas.they will also claim Financial support from the U.S. in response to refugee admissions Ukrainian war.

At three summits a day, Western leaders will discuss China’s role in the war in Ukraine. “We ask China to join the rest of the world in unequivocally condemning Stoltenberg said the Russian invasion of Ukraine was not political or military support of any kind for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The EU will hold a summit with China on April 1 and wants to coordinate its position with Biden.

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