Three communities maintain heavy rain alerts


Madrid (EFE).- Tres comunidades (Andalucía, Cataluña y la Ciudad de Ceuta) maintains hoy activadas las alertas ante la forecast de que en algunos lugares pueden llegar a alcanzar los 60 litros por metro cuadrado en doce Hours.

The National Meteorological Agency (Aemet) has active “yellow” warnings (risk) in all three communities due to heavy rain, and communities in Murcia, the Balearic Islands and Andalusia have also been warned due to strong waves expected today.

In the community of Andalusia, the warning of heavy rains is concentrated in the strait, on the coast of Granada, in Axarquía (Málaga), in Grazalema, in the countryside of Cadiz and the coast of Cadiz, and in the Sevillian countryside, places where they are going to accumulate significant amounts over the next few hours.

In Ceuta, heavy rain will accumulate up to 15 liters per square meter in an hour, according to forecasts from Aemet, which also warned of thunderstorms that will occur.

A woman on a beach in Almería. EFE/Carlos Barba

In the community of Catalonia, the “yellow” alert is located on the coast of the province of Barcelona, ​​where the precipitation accumulated in one hour will accumulate up to 20 liters per square meter, and in some cases the showers could be accompanied by thunderstorms.

In addition to the heavy rains, coastal warnings have been activated along the entire Andalusian coast, in the community of Murcia and in the Balearic archipelago.

Aemet’s forecast indicates that there will be strong winds on the coast of the three autonomous communities and waves that can reach 5 meters in some places.

The warnings activated by the National Meteorological Agency are part of the situation of instability that has affected the entire peninsula and the Balearic Islands for several days and which leaves heavy rains and showers throughout the country.


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