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Threats against Benoît Hamon: a man arrested

smallA man appeared under an apartment window at midnight on Saturday night. Benoit Harmon“Harmon, get out, we’ll get you, sooner or later, it’s just a matter of time,” he shouted, according to the testimony of the former presidential candidate’s wife and neighbors. The man was also tormented by insulting the former Yvelines representative elected from the Trappes constituency.

Benoît Hamon filed a complaint on Sunday. Based on signs at the home of the neighbors and their wife at the time of the incident, police quickly located the suspect, who would live or travel frequently in the same neighborhood as the Harmons.

appear immediately

Arrested and taken into police custody on Sunday, he immediately admitted the truth and explained that he had been drinking a lot the night before. His motives are unclear. The man who worked as a waiter had no known political involvement.

The person was placed under judicial control ahead of a correctional hearing, according to prosecutors.

Benoît Hamon did not respond View. 2017 Investment socialist party At the end of the primaries, Benoît Hamon, who is believed to be the representative of the party’s left wing, at 5and In the first round of the presidential election, it won the lowest score in PS history with just over 6.3% of the vote. Benoît Hamon announced his retirement from politics in September 2021.

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