Thousands of police and civil guards take to the streets against Marlaska: “He sold us to members of ETA”


Thousands of police and Civil Guards from all over Spain took to the streets to protest against the administration of Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska as head of the Interior. Between the cries of “Marlaska resigns! » The agents make it ugly that the Minister himself “sold them to members of ETA” after the announcement of the withdrawal of the Civil Guard from Navarre. Likewise, the mobilization has also served the troops to demand improvements in their working conditions such as the 35-hour day, retirement at 59 or equal pay with the rest of the police force in Spain. Similarly, the agents are also asking to be reclassified in the B group of civil servants with the aim of improving their future pensions.

Summoned by the United Union of Police (SUP) and the United Association of Civil Guards (AUGC), thousands of officers took to the streets to demand improvements in their working conditions and protest against the management of the Minister of Interior. The march began at noon at Madrid’s Puerta del Sol where the demonstrators, equipped with union flags and national insignia, marched towards the Congress of Deputies. According to the official figures of the organizers, approximately 10,000 protesters from all over Spain supported the mobilization.

They ask for improvements

There is a lot of improvement of their working conditions those requested by the agents of the National Police and the Civil Guard. From shifts promoting family reconciliation, to early retirement without loss of income, through wage equalization. Similarly, the protesters also demanded to be transferred from the C1 group of civil servants to the B group in a bid to improve their retirement. “We think we deserve this change,” said a national policeman who demonstrated this morning in Madrid. It is important to stress that this change of group in the scale of civil servants would imply a slight improvement in the salaries of agents and a more favorable retirement pension for them.

However, despite negotiating efforts, the wage equalization inside the font it is still a utopia. The local police, Mossos or Ertzaintza continue to receive a higher payroll than that of the agents of the national body. That’s why agents have decided to take to the streets to demand improvements in their pay. “We don’t want more or less, we just want to be paid like other police forces,” said a protester interviewed by OKDIARIO.

In an attempt to solve all these problems, union representatives have ask for a negotiation table with the Ministry of the Interior. However, it seems that from the top of this ministry, they are turning a deaf ear. “The last meeting of the United Police Union (SUP) dates back to November 15 of last year and until today”, explains the general secretary of the SUP, Mónica Gracía, who regrets the lack of will for dialogue of Great Marlaska. “We need a table for dialogue and negotiation, this is the basis of democracy,” said the secretary general of the Unified Association of Civil Guards (AUGC), Juan Fernández.


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