Those of Teresa Rodríguez load Netflix for their new series: “If it were real, they would speak in Andalusia”


Forward Andalusiatraining led by Therese Rodriguezcame back to claim the ‘Andalusian‘ launching a campaign to defend what they consider to be the language of the community. Moreover, they criticized the fact that in the new Netflix series if I had knownshot in Seville, the characters don’t have the accent typical of this region.

“The Spaniard from Valladolid is good, but it is better to listen to our Andalusian in the series. And more if they happen in Andalusia. If the series was real, they would speak in ‘Andalu’. Stick out your tongue and don’t make yourself invisible,” demanded the formation on their social networks.

Adelante Andalucía rightly presented a campaign a few days ago under the slogan stick out the tongue to honor and promote the use of speaks Andalusian and to “end everything prejudices linked to certain variants of Andalusian such as ceceo and heheo”.

Message published on the social networks of Adelante Andalucía.

The spokesperson for Adelante Andalucía, Therese Rodriguez, explained that the objective is “to eliminate the stereotypes associated with the use of Andalusian and in particular the modality that stutters in relation to Andalusian, to make Andalusian worthy and to generalize its use in the public messages and speeches in all its modalities”. It would thus be filled Status of Andalusia which establishes that “the public authorities have the responsibility to honor and spread the use of the Andalusian linguistic variety”, defended itself last week.

“We are going to carry out a campaign to encourage Andalusians not to eliminate their pronunciation in public speeches or in formal contexts. There are university professors who have the bravery to lisp in their classes and what they achieve over time is to naturalize that pronunciation,” Rodríguez pointed out.

The leader of Adelante Andalucía claimed that “discrimination generates a lot of insecurity among speakers in many areas of Andalusia where lisping and heheo are common, and systematically cause a self-censorship exercise when they seek life abroad and have to give up their mother tongue”.

He also pointed out that in the field of education, Adelante Andalucía will file a complaint with the Education Inspectorate about manuals who continue to argue that lisping or hearing is typical of low culture or the abuse of Andalusian. Likewise, a proposal will be made to the Ministry of Education so that it gives instructions to educational centers so that school textbooks do not have prejudices on any characteristic and pronunciation, thus promoting a better consideration of Andalusian speech. .

In this sense, Rodríguez recognized that as a language teacher “this reality has been known for a long time, in many textbooks, the lisp Links to low culture areas in Andalusia, against the lisp which has a certain prestige. The lisp, at best, is vulgar.”

“Today is a class stereotype. It is not true that because you are born in a place you have a lower cultural level. The recurring appearance of this stereotype in books and the media causes many people who come from these places to correct themselves in this form of Andalusians,” Rodríguez added.

In addition, in the media sector, the elimination of prejudices in the style books of the public media will be proposed and it will be recommended to the private media to promote Andalusian in all its modalities. On the other hand, in audiovisual production, the Audiovisual Council of Andalusia will be invited to carry out a barometer on ‘andaluphobia‘.

Likewise, an attempt will be made for the public administration to establish proposals in external audiovisual productions so that “there is no discriminatory treatmentand public administrations will be encouraged to exert influence so that the use of all linguistic variants of Andalusian is promoted and standardized in all areas.


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