This Zara sweater is sweeping: it goes with everything and with different looks


This is the best time to wear a sweater, and if you are thinking of buying one, you should pay attention to the catalog of brands like Zara, who have just updated their collections for this autumn season. Among his suggestions, we do not hesitate to highlight this Zara sweater that is sweeping. It has jewel lace beads as one of the most attractive details.

Ideal both for this half-season and to keep you safe from the cold during the winter, it’s a long-sleeved sweater with a round neck which preserve the classic characteristics of this type of garment, but with some distinctive details, such as the application of pearls and jewels, which make all eyes fall on them.

How is the Zara sweater that sweeps

The shirt of life, but renewed

In other words, this beige garment is similar to what we are used to finding on the web, but it differs with the inclusion of these accessories, so it is perfect if you want to look elegant and modern.

One of The advantages of beige is that it blends in with whatever shade of trousers you have chosen.. You can move in a wide range of tones for your legs, from the lightest to the darkest.

When you buy it, keep in mind that it comes in sizes from S to L, so check the measurements of each of them carefully, make sure you get the one that best fits your measurements.

Textile materials and policy

Zara operates monitoring programs to ensure compliance with a set of social, environmental and health and safety standards for all of its products, and this jumper is no exception.

This Zara sweater is sweeping: it goes with everything and with different looks

Its materials, 69% polyester, 25% acrylic and 6% wool, have been evaluated during the manufacturing chain to verify use of recycled polyester PET plasticsame as the bottles for daily use.

Price, shipping and returns

This item can be, to get it, free of charge in any of the Zara stores near your home with the advantage of completely free shipping and returns, which you can do until January 10.

Finally, its price is 49.95 euros, a value at the height of the quality of this outstanding garmentwhose cost does justice to the efforts put into the choice of recycled fabrics and in favor of a sustainable industry.


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