This will be a new coin with the image of King Charles III of England


The Royal Mint announced on Friday New coin featuring a portrait of King Carlos III back Queen Elizabeth II dies.

The portrait of Carlos III will first appear in coin 50pAnd other commemorate, worth five pounds.From 2023, the coin will be A penny to two pounds. The design is the work of British sculptor Martin Jennings.

[Carlos III promete “lealtad y respeto” para ganarse al Reino Unido: sólo le apoya el 42% de los británicos]

New British King’s Image Appears look left, the opposite of how his mother appears on the coin. This is no accident, as it is a tradition imposed by Carlos II that every monarch must look in the opposite direction of his predecessor.

on coins, Charles III Appear no crown – Unlike what happened to Queen Elizabeth II – there is a Latin inscription around it, which translates toanyone King Carlos III, favored by God, defender of the faith.

And Queen Elizabeth II coins?

new coins will be sold to collectors Minted by the British factory Royal Mint, and starting next week, the 50p will be circulated to all citizens by the end of the year. Queen Elizabeth II coins will continue to circulate.

[Carlos III hereda a los 73 un Reino (poco) Unido en la mayor crisis desde la coronación de su madre]

According to the CEO of the Royal Mint, Anne Jessopthe coins will be in circulation, so they will coexist with Queen Elizabeth II’s coins for several years. “Citizens don’t need to worry about having coins with the Queen. We’re going to keep them circulating,” Jessop explained.



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