This Thursday, heavy local rainfall in the Levante and Ibiza area – EFE News


Madrid, December 1 (EFE) areas of the Mediterranean region and Andalusia.

The sky will be cloudy at dawn in the area of ​​​​the Strait and western Andalusia, with precipitation that will decrease throughout the day, while the cloudiness will decrease.

Cloudy periods over the rest of the peninsula, except in southern Galicia and the western part of the northern plateau, where the weather will be slightly cloudy.

In the Canary Islands there will be cloudy intervals, with a probability of precipitation in the north of the islands.

The snow level will be at 1,500/2,000 meters in the southeastern third of the peninsula.

Daytime temperatures will remain unchanged or rising on the peninsular Atlantic side, and falling on the rest of the peninsula; no changes in the Balearic and Canary Islands, and nights decreasing in the northern half of the peninsula and increasing in the southern half.

There will be frosts, generally light, on the northern plateau and in the mountain systems of the central and northern peninsula, which can be locally strong in the Pyrenees.

The wind will blow slightly or moderately from the northeast, except in the Ebro Valley and the Canary Islands, where it will blow from the northwest. Moderate uprising in the strait.


-GALICIA: intervals of low clouds in the north, with a probability of mist and associated fog in the interior and which will disappear at noon except in the Estaca de Bares area where the cloudy sky will remain. There will be drizzle in La Mariña. Minimum temperatures will drop slightly or remain unchanged in the far north and southeast, and maximums will increase, slightly or unchanged in the north. Weak and scattered frosts in the mountainous regions of the south-east; loose wind from the east and northeast directions, more intense on the north coast and with strong intervals in the vicinity of Cape Ortegal.

-ASTURIAS: intervals of low cloud with mist and morning fog in the interior. There will be a slight drop in minimum temperatures; maximum without changes or generally light descent. Weak frosts in the Cordillera and weak eastern component in the interior and intense on the coast.

-CANTABRIA: Slightly cloudy skies, with intervals of low cloud increasing to overcast skies. Risk of mist and fog indoors; temperatures slightly decreasing or unchanged from the minimum in the southern third. Slight frosts in the Cordillera and in the southern valleys. On the coast, a light wind with an easterly component which will attenuate towards the south and south-easterly directions, and which will turn towards an easterly component at noon. Inside, variable light wind.

-BASQUE COUNTRY: sky covered with low clouds with wide sunny spells in the south. Morning mist and fog and temperatures falling slightly or unchanged from the minimum, except in the extreme south. Scattered light frosts in the south. Light, variable wind in the interior and from the east on the coast in the morning and at the last minute, which at noon will tend to north and northeast directions over the entire region.

-CASTILLA Y LEÓN: intervals of low cloud, with probable fog and morning mist to the north and northeast; In the rest, a little cloudy or clear. Minimum temperatures falling in mountainous areas and unchanged or slightly rising in the rest, maximum temperatures falling in the extreme northeast and rising in the rest. Weak frosts and variable light wind in the northwest and northeast direction in the rest of the autonomous community.

-NAVARRE: intervals of low clouds, more abundant in the north with probable morning mists and fogs in the western mountains and night in the Pyrenees. Falling temperatures, light frosts except on the Ribera, which will be scattered on the Cantabrian side and more intense on the peaks of the Pyrenees. Light wind from the north and northwest.

-LA RIOJA: sky with intervals of low clouds in the morning with probable banks of morning fog in the mountains. Lower temperatures, light frosts, especially in Iberia. Loose wind from the northwest or variable direction.

-ARAGÓN: cloudy sky with weak and scattered precipitation east of Teruel and Zaragoza; snow level dropping from 1,400-1,600 meters to 1,200-1,400 meters. In the rest, intervals of morning low cloud with morning mist or fog bank in the Iberian valleys. Falling temperatures, except minimum in Teruel and maximum in Huesca. Frosts in the Pyrenees, strong at high altitudes and weak in other regions of the northern third and in the Iberian Peninsula. Variable light wind, from the northwest direction in the Ebro valley.

– CATALONIA: cloudy with showers that can be locally heavy or persistent at the southern end of the coast, weaker and more occasional inland. In the rest, intervals of low clouds in the morning and increasing cloudy skies on the coast of Girona. Morning mist and fog banks inland. Temperatures with little change, except for the decreases of the maximum in the south of Tarragona. Frosts in the Pyrenees, locally strong at altitude. Moderate north wind in the Ampurdán, weak to moderate northeast wind on the rest of the coast, and weak variable direction in the interior.

-EXTREMADURA: cloudy sky with weak precipitation probable in the early hours in the province of Badajoz, with a tendency to slightly cloudy skies in the morning; In the rest, a little cloudy or clear. Rising temperatures and light wind from the east and northeast.

-COMMUNITY OF MADRID: cloudy sky at dawn opening soon clear to be a little cloudy. Minimum temperatures falling in the mountains, with slight variations in the rest. Maximum temperatures with slight changes predominating the increases. Weak frosts in the mountains, especially at altitude. Wind from north and northeast directions.

-CASTILE-LA MANCHA: cloudy sky at dawn opening sunny spells from the northwest to the southeast to be partly cloudy in the northwest half and with cloudy periods in the southeast half. Probability of mists or scattered fogs, in the morning at the eastern end of Cuenca and Albacete and in the afternoon in the Sierras de Segura and Alcaraz. Probably light rain and some scattered showers in the southeast, more frequent in the Sierras de Segura and Alcaraz and in the Almansa corridor. Minimum temperatures are decreasing in the Central and Iberian systems, increasing in Ciudad Real and Albacete and with little change in the rest. Maximum temperatures falling in the Iberian Peninsula and Albacete and with slight changes in the rest. Weak frosts in the central and Iberian systems. Light north-easterly and easterly wind, with more intense intervals in the extreme south-east at the end of the day.

-COMMUNITY OF VALENCIA: sky covered with showers with the probability of locally strong or persistent thunderstorms in the coastal areas, preferably south of Valencia and north of Alicante, and weaker and more occasional in the interior. Snow level at 1,400/1,600 meters, dropping in the northern half to 1,200/1,400 meters. Minimum temperatures uphill and maximum downhill. Light variable wind with a trend from the northeast, moderate on the coast and light in the interior.

– REGION OF MURCIA: cloudy sky with weak and scattered precipitation, more probable and intense on the coast. Rising minimum temperatures and falling maximum temperatures, variable light wind, with a tendency to a north-easterly direction on the coast.

– BALEARIC ISLANDS: cloudy sky. In Ibiza and Formentera, precipitation which could be locally heavy and accompanied by a thunderstorm; In Menorca and Mallorca, precipitation or occasional thunderstorms are not excluded. Little fluctuating or falling temperatures at night in Menorca. East and northeast wind.

-ANDALUSIA: cloudy sky without excluding weak and scattered precipitation, more probable and intense in the morning in the western third, and in the afternoon in the eastern third. Locally heavy showers are not excluded on the Atlantic coast of Cadiz. Slightly cloudy skies in the western regions in the afternoon. On the Mediterranean side, minimum temperatures without change and maximum temperatures falling; in the rest, increasing minimums and unchanged maximums. Variable light wind, tending to an easterly component.

-CANARY ISLANDS: In Lanzarote, and north of Fuerteventura and the main islands, cloudy sky with probability of rain, which will generally be weak and especially in the second part of the day. In the rest of the areas, cloudy periods, without excluding some light and occasional precipitation. Temperatures with little change, with a predominance of slight drops, especially in the interior areas. Light to moderate northerly wind with breezes on the south coasts.


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