This Spectacular Video Shows How Ukrainian Soldiers Intercept Russian Missiles


in the first hour of the morning A flurry of missiles fall More than a dozen Ukrainian cities. Kyiv, Lviv or Dnipro reverberated by the impact of the explosion, leaving more than 11 dead, about 60 injuredand destroyed many buildings and critical infrastructure.

it’s revenge Vladimir Putin As a result of the explosion that partially collapsed on Saturday Kerch Bridge, Crimea, the peninsula was illegally annexed by Russia in 2014. However, this attack could have been worse.According to the Ukrainian army, on Monday they managed to suppress 43 missiles Fired by Kremlin troops.

According to the Ukrainian Defense Minister, Hannah MariaAs of 11:35 a.m., Russia had fired a total of 83 missiles.Earlier, the resistance commander, General Valery Zaluzhny, said on Twitter that Russia 75 air strikes were launched, 51 of which were intercepted, According to Reuters.

To show Ukrainian soldiers in neutralization enemy bombingthe troops posted a video on social media showing a soldier hired air defense system.

In recent months, these types of defense systems have been Norway, Poland, Slovakia, USA and UKaccording to the Arms Trade Platform Forum.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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