This Parfois snake ring is a hit in all stores


If you are interested in the world of fashion, you are probably already aware that many times all the difference lies in the small details. This means that in addition to the clothes you choose, you should pay attention to the accessories, otherwise you may feel that you are missing something. When we think about these supplements, we will focus on steel snake ring from the fashion company Parfois catalog.

As an essential part of the current collections of this brand, we come across a ring that is not only striking but also elegant. It is generally difficult for a one-handed accessory to offer these two qualities, but this one achieves such a complicated goal.

How is the Parfois snake ring

Stands out from the rest

Available in sizes S to L, important when choosing a ring and making sure it fits the finger where you want to wear it, this ring has a gold base color with two blue rhinestones which will represent the animal’s eyes.

If we translate the materials in which it has been made, it is a combination of 98% stainless steel and 2% zirconium. Precisely, zirconium is the material of choice for the eyes’ rhinestones, giving it a nice, very distinctive touch.

It is clear that we are not dealing with an everyday ring, which we recommend for special occasions where you want everyone present to comment on the most witty accessory of the event. You probably won’t have any competition.

Price, shipping and returns

Another good news is that this product includes free shipping, both to Parfois stores and to the buyer’s address. You will receive your package within the next three to five working days with the advantage that you do not have to pay anything for it.

This snake ring is a hit in all stores: don't let it pass you by, Parfois has it in stainless steel

If for any reason or reason you want to return the ring, any purchase between 11 November and 8 December they can be returned until 8 January 2023, although it is important to remember that this is not established for orders with personal elements.

Finally, the price of this item is 17.99 euros, a cost depending on the quality of the same but it does not involve much investment either. For a negligible value, you’ll have an accessory for when you want to get over the ordinary in people, or send a message with your snake.


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