This Parfois bag went on sale and is already sold out


Parfois has sold out a bag in minutes, the maximum madness of this complete has made the brand try to replace it against the watch. It’s an ideal piece to give these holidays to lovers of pink, teenagers or the not-so-young who want to wear the fashionable color. It’s a tone that even Queen Letizia has worn on more than one occasion, so it’s not surprising that we can spot it from specialists in cheap accessories. If you see it in a store, get the bag of the moment, it’s a great basic.

Parfois has the bag that just went on sale and it’s already sold out

The most sought after bag by Parfois is one of the most original this season. One of those basics you can’t miss. You have in your power the ability to get a complement that will always stand out. The latest fashion in terms of trends will remind you of a bag of those who appear in the series that has New York as a frame, it is worth walking around the big apple.

The Parfois brand is one of the most demanded in these shopping days. Everyone is looking for the perfect gift and with this bag we will achieve that. It is the gift or gift that we want within reach. For a price of less than 20 euros, it’s no wonder it sold out so quickly.

The color of the season is pink. The reign of black or brown for bags is over, in all the complete come the waves of colors that will give our daily look the tone we are looking for. Pink is a happy color that attracts passion and joy, a good statement of intent in every rule.

The touch of the hair makes it a magnificent investment for the winter. We will be able to bring it, the definitive bag in every way. A complement that we want to wear and touch with our own hands. A good investment that will be ready to give us the best.

It has a chain as a handle and a handle made of the same fabric than the rest of the bag. It can be carried as a handbag or slung over the shoulder as a baguette. A style of 10 is what we will achieve with a complement of those who stand out in every way. Get it when you see it in store or online, it’s only €19.95.


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