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This new wand fight

riceichel-Édouard Leclerc is delighted. Inflation is back, he’s been wearing his favorite outfit for a few weeks now, a savior of our purchasing power. He promised that milk, pork, self-inspection, and everything on the shelves of Leclerc stores would be available to the French at great prices. Even a wand. Hold on, it will be sold, weighed, and packaged for an average of 29 cents until the end of June. What noise, since Michel-Édouard Leclerc made this promise on the airwaves at RMC on Wednesday 12 January. “It’s a symbol”, the Bretons were taken away.

He has effortlessly alienated representatives of grain producers, artisan bakers, ordinary farmers, and offended him in order to complete this long list of disgruntled people, who is the number one in the world France, its dealer competitors. Because, no, in fact, Michel-Edouard Leclerc Not the only one offering this price.

We can make money even with a price of 29 cents.

In all supermarkets in France, you can get a 250-gram baguette for less than 45 cents. This is twice the average price observed by INSEE. “French people don’t go to the supermarket specifically to buy baguettes. In addition to shopping, they mainly take them on weekdays and at dinner. On weekends, they prefer to buy individual pastries from us rather than bread,” says one French dealer told us.

the latter, as his colleagues questioned View, emphasizing that the bread produced by its team of bakers is primarily made with French flour. One of Leclerc’s competitors, said mischievously: “Imagine that we could make money even if we showed a price of 29 cents. » Impossible, because the big retailers can’t sell at a loss because of their cheap baguettes is made on site.

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According to the Observatory on Price and Margin Formation (OFPM), the distributor’s bakery and pastry division had a gross profit margin of 56.4% on turnover, compared with 24% to 32.9% for other divisions in the past.

In detail, Michel-Édouard Leclerc ensures that flour accounts for 14% of the purchase price. Also, professional craftsmen do not argue anything. One-third of the final price will be used to pay the baker’s wages. Thanks to the large number of baguettes sold every day, big-box retailers can display more attractive prices than artisans by achieving economies of scale in energy costs, rent, etc.

But beware, there are baguettes and baguettes. Instead of teams of bakers kneading the dough on site, some discount stores cook frozen dough purchased from manufacturers (Panavi, Neuhauser, Vandemoertle, etc.) for an average of 15 cents.

Fall 2022,UNESCO A decision should be made whether to register the baguette as a World Heritage Site. An idea proposed by the Minister of Culture, Roselyne Bachelot, so she defends her choice in column echo : “The baguette is a noble and deceptively simple product that takes years, from a few ingredients, to find its signature… its style! This product brings us together, exactly I chose it for this reason. »

259 euros is the price of a ton of soft wheat.

90 cents. This is the average price of a 250g baguette in November, according to INSEE data based on groups of different sellers (bakery, bread warehouse, supermarket, etc.).

In 20 years, baguettes have grown by 35%, compared with an average of 30% for other foods.

10 billion euros. This is the annual turnover of all French artisan bakers and baker-patissiers, who have a 55% market share.

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