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Samsung introduced its LPDDR5X DRAM chip, which provides 33% performance improvement and 20% power consumption reduction. It is intended for use in next-generation smartphones, artificial intelligence applications, and virtual and augmented reality headsets.

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Samsung Just announced the launch of its RAM LPDDR5X, low power DDR (Low power DDR) Especially for smart phone with tabletSince the standard was announced this summer, the manufacturer is the first company to release LPDDR5X modules.

These new chips are engraved with 14 Nano, Has a capacity of 2 GB and can be combined into pack 64 GB is used for the most demanding equipment. The bandwidth of LPDDR5X memory is 8.5 gigabits per second (Gbps), and the gain is speed Compared with LPDDR5 (6.4 Gbps), it has increased by nearly 33%.It also benefits from a 20% reduction in consumption compared to the previous generation, so autonomy should be increased Mobile devices.

Also used for VR headsets, servers and car memory

In order to promote its new products, the Korean company did not hesitate to highlight other growth markets for this kind of memory, first of allartificial intelligence, exist server with Self-driving car. Samsung Also mentioned the Yuan Festival, because Virtual reality headset Or enhance autonomous use of LPDDR.

Industry experts believe Samsung This new memory may be included in its next Galaxy S22 smartphone. According to some rumors, the company may release a new phone as early as February 2022. Given the current shortage of mobile phones, it remains to be seen whether such a timetable is reasonable. semiconductor

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