This Is Us Season 6: Who plays Baby Jack?


Tseries finale NBC hit show This is us comes closer and we don’t cry; You. The long-term love story of Rebecca and Jack Pearson was exciting, but all good things come to an end.

We’ve seen these characters grow up right before our eyes, and after five seasons they’ve all grown up and have kids of their own. A series of time jumps gives viewers a glimpse of how their final chapter will play out. And Kate and Toby’s situation doesn’t look good.

We already know the beloved couple won’t be reunited in the series finale, and the April 5 episode shows the breakup of their marriage through the eyes of their son. But in This Is Us, who plays Baby Jack? Here’s everything we know about the young performer who stole the show.

Who is Johnny Kincaid?

Johnny Kincaid, the charming actor who plays Baby Jack in this episode, is three years old and, like his character, is visually impaired. Johnny’s This Is Us debut was revealed via Instagram The account is run by his mother and his fans are thrilled to see him on the small screen.

As a child, Johnny was diagnosed with albinism, which severely impaired his eyesight. Johnny worked hard, according to his mother, to prepare for his screen debut. “Johnny made his television debut last night on the final season of the hit NBC show This Is Us!” “We are so proud,” his mother wrote.

She went on to highlight the importance of prime time television, “representing and including the blind and visually impaired community”. “It’s been a wild ride and we can’t wait to see how the season unfolds!” she added. I hope you see it. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!”

New episodes of This Is Us air on NBC on Tuesdays at 9:00 pm EST.


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