This is the new (and luxurious) villa of Cristiano Ronaldo in Qatar


Cristiano Ronaldo is going through one of the most delicate moments of both his career (since he has left Manchester United) as staff. Last April, both he and Georgina Rodríguez issued a joint statement in which they revealed that they had lost one of the babies they were expecting.

Cristiano and Georgina, in a file image

“It is with our deepest sadness that we have to announce the passing of our son. It is the greatest pain any parent can feel. only the birth of our daughter It gives us the strength to live this moment with some hope and happiness,” the letter read. It was undoubtedly one of the most difficult summers for the couple. In the following months.

Now, Cristiano Ronaldo disputes what will be his last World Cup. He is in Qatar, together with the Portuguese Soccer Team, with whom he wants to win the world trophy. Although for that they have to manage to beat the opponents that are part of the competition.

Cristiano Ronaldo in a file image.  Gtres
Cristiano Ronaldo in a file image.

Up to the aforementioned enclave, where the soccer player is, Gerogina has traveled, but she has not done it alone, but with her children, her group of friends nicknamed The Divinehis sister Ivana and all the security personnel who usually accompanies them.

For such a display, Cristiano Ronaldo has rented a huge villa that has great detail so that your stay is as comfortable as possible. It was thanks to a video shared by the journalist Iván García (Georgina’s close friend) on his personal Instagram account.

The property Georgina is staying in is Moorish in style with wooden touches. In addition, it has large windows and high ceilings from which the most majestic lamps hang.

Housing Hall / Instagram @ivvgar
Living room of the house

The journalist has also shared how it is part of the room. As you can see in the photograph above, the modern and vintage style is what predominates in the decoration. Eighties chairs that combine with a large table perfectly dressed with its cutlery and glasses. There is also no shortage of flowers to give a more homely touch to the place.

Exterior of the house / Instagram @ivvgar
Exterior of the house

One of the most special parts of the house is the terrace, which has a crystal-clear water pool that overlooks the sea and a small garden of palm trees. Thanks to these images that Iván García has shared, it has been possible to discover what her stay and that of Georgina Rodríguez will be like.


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