This is the life of Ana Obregón’s son a year after his death


Anna Obrigan He suffered the biggest blow in his life. On May 13, 2020, your son, Alex Lecchio, He lost his life after fighting cancer for two years. A news that made the host completely frustrated. The reason you decide to take your time, recovery and sadness. “My life is over”, Is the first sentence of the translation Anna and 7 After having to say goodbye to this young entrepreneur. Since then, Anna has been different.Over time, he found his refuge in social networks Founder of Polar MarketingHe has always done this through emotional photos and the most affectionate text. “My dear son. I know you never liked me talking about you publicly, forgive me, my heart is begging, and now I have a little strength, I have to thank thousands of messages of love and admiration for you.
Until one day, the word appeared “cancer” in our lives.
For two years, you have bravely fought this damn disease with a smile, and cooperated with the foundation to use your sense of humor to help and encourage all those who are also suffering from the disease. You became their role model. Too noble, generous, supportive, unique and great, not suitable for this world”, Once wrote to the actress.

Due to health restrictions caused by Covid-19, the funeral is suspended Alex He died, so his friends and family had to wait for the farewell he deserved. There is no doubt that this is a very important moment for Anna Obregon. When she put her hand on her heart to greet the media, she made a good gesture to the media. June 30 was the day when this young man was fired.It is held in the parish Our Lady of Moraleja Madrid, very close to the home where the family has always lived. All the people who have been involved in the lives of Anna and Alessandro’s sons have come to this place. Famous people in attendance include Boris Izagüirre, Trelu Campos Luis Rollán, Ramón García and his wife Patricia, Fiona Ferrer, Alejandra Rubio, Susana Uribarri, etc.

Ana García Obregón wears a mid-length flared dress designed by Alejandro de Miguel with chiffon on the sleeves. There is a great and touching story behind a design. It turns out that the model Anna wore was an exact replica of the model she already had. One day, Alex was shocked by a photo when he was looking at a photo of the translator when he was pregnant. His mother brought a very similar photo. A moment to stay with the actress forever.

Ana Obregón at the funeral of Álex Lequio. /Gtres

Anna talked about her feelings silently through the screen until one of the most anticipated moments arrived: she appeared in the media again. He did this to bid farewell to Anne Igartiburu in 2020. Together they became the host of Campanadas de RTVE. “The first day I recorded for the promotion of the bell in nearly a year. I thought it would be difficult to leave home, smile, exchange mourning for a beautiful dress and jewelry, make-up, and return to my career and life. But you, my Ales, You gave me strength…”, he wrote on his social network, he looked dazzling in a beautiful golden dress.

Over the past few months, Anna has tried her best to restore some of her professional promises. After the success of Campanadas in the past, he will repeat it with Igartiburu this year, and he will also attend with Boris Izaguirre Telepasión. Anna smiled again, thanks to the people she loved, and of course her inseparable friend Susana Uribarri who had been holding her hand. The two walked together through the streets of Rome, the eternal city. In the summer, they went on a therapeutic journey for Anna, which was an experience she repeated a few days ago.

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