This is Simon Dorante-Day, the alleged illegitimate son of King Charles III and Camilla: do they look alike?

TThe UK has been mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth since her passing last week. This news shocked and upset people around the world.

A 56-year-old man from Australia said he was in deep mourning after learning of the death of his “grandmother”. We are talking about Simon Charles Dorant-Day, who is alleged to be the unrecognized son of the recently crowned British King Charles III and Queen Camila.

The Australian spoke to News7 and explained that he was upset and disappointed that he was completely rejected and ignored by the royal family. “I just think the least Charles can do is give me an answer, acknowledge me. He gives William such a title, well, where is my answer, where is my DNA evidence? , “ the man said.

After the death of his “grandmother”, Dorante-Day stated through his social media platforms that he received hundreds of messages from people who sent him their condolences.

Dorante-Day claims that he was given up for adoption at the age of eight months and that his adoptive grandmother confessed to him before her death that he was the “secret son” of Charles and his wife, the new Queen Camilla.

He desperately needs King Charles III to do DNA to confirm that his claims are in fact true.but his attempts to contact the royal family were ultimately futile – he never received a response from them.


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