This is Miguel Mosquera, the brother of Raquel Mosquera who one day asked for help


Raquel Mosque She was born in Madrid and since she was little she felt a great passion for hairdressing and it ended up becoming her job. She rose to fame years ago as a public figure for being Pedro Carrasco’s wifeex-husband of Rocío Jurado and father of Rocío Carrasco.

Pierre Carrasco married Raquel Mosquera in 1996 and they both started a life project together. The 26-year age difference was not a problem for the couple and they performed in “Yes, I want” in Huelva. Unfortunately, the happiness couldn’t last too long and it wasn’t until January 27, 2001 a heart attack took Pedro, with only 57 years. It was a blow to Raquel Mosquera, who, at just 32, was the widow of the man she had married years before.

He was rebuilding his life over time and during his career hairstyle combined with participation in various TV shows like ‘A tu lado’ in 2003, ‘Regarde qui saute’ in 2013 or ‘Come dine with me’ in 2019. Even with his long career, Raquel Mosquera had to deal with depression and anxiety During its lifetime.

His life was never easy and he had to face conflicts with his family to overcome the worst times. Ultimately, in 2008, he was diagnosed with bipolarity, a complicated illness that she herself wanted to make visible. He fought against the still existing taboos on mental illness and it encouraged them to learn about themselves, because having a diagnosis is always a step towards a better life.

Who is Miguel Mosquera, brother of Raquel Mosquera?

years ago his brother Miguel Mosquera He gained prominence to give more details about the delicate situation in which the family lived. Appeared on TV show Morning for more details on the tense situation they had experienced with Raquel Mosquera and seeing that his sister was sick and even with a pending diagnosis, he and his family opted for seeking help from doctors and professionals, prioritizing her sister’s physical and mental health.

Even with his appearance, he chose not to give more details than necessary about the situation they were going through, especially to keep your sister’s privacy. Protecting his sister as she struggled to recover was a priority for Miguel Mosquera. It seems that being guided by the doctors was a good step in getting back on track and eventually getting a diagnosis.

In his appearances, Raquel Mosquera’s brother remained discreet, serious and far from polemics. But when she rose to prominence, she tried to defend her sister’s interests and avoided giving details that could harm her in her public appearances.

Raquel Mosquera is always in the news because she has collaborated on various programs on the small screen in recent years. In 2018, he confirms his participation in the reality show ‘Survivors’ and it was a great opportunity to learn more about her and her family, especially SilviaRaquel’s older sister, who acted as your lawyer during the program.


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