This is Liechtenstein’s last farewell to Mary


Liechtenstein Royal Family Mourning After death Princess MaryHe was admitted to hospital on August 21 due to a stroke at the age of 81. The funeral was held this Saturday, a national ceremony reported by the duchy’s media.Rear Official mourning for 7 days, Hans Adam II’s wife was fired in Vaduz Cathedral. Religious behavior is characterized by sanitary restrictions imposed to stop the spread of the coronavirus. In addition, due to the scale of the neo-Gothic temple, only his close relatives, the authorities and representatives of European royal families such as Queen Sophia, who also attended the wedding of the incumbent prince, attended.

dress Rigorous black, Her relatives had been watching her a few hours before celebrating Mass. Princess He has four children: Crown Prince and Regent Alois, Prince Maximilian, Prince Constantine and Princess Tatiana, who have been sitting on the front bench during the funeral.

The moment to say goodbye to Mary is very special. One of them is one of his grandchildren studying for him.During his intervention, it can be seen that he is Obviously excited Had to say goodbye to his beloved grandmother.

The funeral was held intimately with the princess’s family and friends. /

On the altar, they placed a picture of Mary from Liechtenstein next to the coffin, where her body was already resting.The coffin is covered with a two-color flag Liechtenstein House And various floral decorations mainly in yellow. Her husband, Prince Hans Adam, put some red roses to symbolize their eternal love.

A picture of Mary Liechtenstein appeared at the state funeral.  /
A picture of Mary Liechtenstein appeared at the state funeral. /

The mass was presided over by Archbishop Wolfgang Haas, however, due to space reasons, it was not open to the public, so more guests could not see it. It is for this reason that it was broadcast live on the public network.

On the other hand, citizens who want to say goodbye to the princess can start on Thursday, when the coffin of Tatiana’s mother from Liechtenstein arrives at the cathedral, until later this Friday afternoon. You can also write a few sentences in the book that enables it. After the ceremony, the wife of the incumbent prince will rest in the prince’s tomb in the temple like other members of the royal family.

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