This is how the F1 World Cup works: the fastest car doesn’t dominate


Charles Leclerc took his third win of the season in Austria, which also saw him complete 259 laps as the leader, more than anyone else so far in the middle of the season. Formula 1 season.

However, this is not Leclerc who tops the rankings, but Max Verstappenwhich is 38 points ahead of its colleague from Ferrari.

The Dutchman led for 253 laps, but he is more efficient because he was given twice as many wins (six) as Leclerc.

This happens because Verstappen finishes races while Ferrari had problems this season. Although the F1-75 is the fastest car, it does not always convert its superiority into victories.

Nobody doubts that Ferrari is the fastest car. Leclerc has six pole positions, and Verstappen you have three. Total seven for Ferrari and four for Red Bull, if you add Carlos Sainz as well as Sergio Perez.

In spite of Carlos as well as Charles topping 16 times and Maximum as well as Czech with 12 lead times, Red Bull tops the Constructor rankings.

The RB18 is almost as fast, but much more reliable and refined, able to get the tires into their optimal performance window for the first two or three laps. They are also fast, especially on trails where the front axle wears more than the rear.

They suffered at the start, but they have corrected, fixed and reduced the car, which they seem to have failed to achieve with the Ferrari power plant, which is being countermeasures, but they continue to falter. It costs Leclerc two wins so far science already retired twice.

The Right Risk

Ferrari took that risk. Since the engines had been frozen for several years, they chose a powerful engine to improve reliability for several months with fixes allowed by reliability and safety regulations.

It is better to be able to win than to live five years, doomed to grinding at a speed of one second per circle. And of course, their riders have been the centerpiece since the start of the year and can still win the double crown. This is what Ferrari believes in.


This powertrain spec has a few races left and a new one is coming soon, hopefully at Spa or Monza in late August or September.

However, they are the first team to have both drivers already in the box as they go beyond France’s fourth power unit with the competition going on two.

Ferrari respects both drivers by aiming for speed in every race, while Red Bull has backed Verstappen from the start.

And so it will be until the math makes it inevitable, that’s why Carlos Sainz hasn’t said his last word yet. The Spaniard made an impressive comeback after scoring no points in two races at the start of the season.

He mastered the car with several podiums in a row, recording his first pole position and victory.


Haas wing from champion Mercedes

The new cars and their aerodynamics brought about a clear change in the league. Just watching segments of a race with four and five different cars battling it out just like at the end of a race at Silverstone is incredible compared to where F1 came from before 2020.

The tracks are packed again, some with over 300,000 spectators over the weekend, while the sprint races are getting exciting and all of a sudden Haas can defend the position from the 2021 champion Mercedes and comfortably finish seventh in the championship, score points on both cars and be in racing. With the exception of Williams, all cars this season are competitive.


Meanwhile, Mercedes has become, oddly enough, the most stable of the second tier, with Lewis Hamilton be the only driver to finish each race and George Russelluntil Silverstone, the guy who finished every race in the top five.

Picking up points and hoping for a more favorable second half of the season, the two Mercedes drivers are the only ones to score points in 10 races, those who have driven the most kilometers (7820 per Hamilton and 7791 for Russell), those who drove the fastest lap and sipped champagne on the podium from what was left of Red Bull-Ferrari dominance.



concerning Fernando AlonsoThe 41-year-old is determined to compare himself to the youth and beat them on his way to breaking several longevity records. He is aiming for fourth place behind the big three.


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