This is how the ’15 -15-15 ‘method that Jennifer Aniston uses to get in shape works


Jennifer Aniston usually divide small pieces of his training routine in social networks, and thanks to this we know he loves Yoga, Pilates and strength training. Now, in an interview for ‘InsStyle’, he has admitted that since last fall he can only practice Pilates because I had an injury. Fortunately, she is now fully recovered, even though she wants to take it easy. To resume training eventually, Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she uses the method ’15 -15-15 ‘.

It’s a method invented by the “Friends” actress herself, so it’s a revolution. But what does it really consist of? I dDivide a 45-minute cardio workout as follows: 15-minute spinning, 15-minute elliptical and 15-minute running. As simple as that!

Therefore Jennifer Aniston’s method ’15 -15-15 ‘ we can all put it into practice at the gym to eliminate excessive summer.

Health benefits of spinning

Let’s learn a little more about health benefits of spinning, both physically and mentally.

It’s about one training with low effect, so it is one of the methods with the least risk of injury. In addition, the high intensity of the sessions makes it possible to strengthen the buttocks and legs as these are the areas that achieve the most performance.

To all this we must add Spinning is a great ally for eliminating fat because in a single session you can burn 700 calories, nothing more and nothing less.

Of course, it is also good for relieve accumulated tension and reduce stress levels.

Why elliptical and continuous?

When the 15 minutes of spinning are over, press do elliptical trainer, a 100% recommended exercise to keep fit and take care of your health: it does not affect the joints, it helps to strengthen the muscles, tones the various muscle groups and prevents cardiovascular problems.

And finally, 15 minute run. We do not have to force ourselves, but the ideal is to run at the pace we consider appropriate to enjoy all the benefits of this activity: it improves the cardiorespiratory system, strengthens the legs, controls weight and helps fight stress.

To make the return to routine more bearable, it is strongly recommended that we do sports, and Jennifer Aniston’s Method “15-15-15” it’s perfect to get in shape.

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