This is how Máxima de Holanda transformed a Zara suit into the perfect guest look


Maxima, from the Netherlands, left no one indifferent, and on her state trip to Sweden, she was once again surprised. If at dinner she was dazzled by her Stuart tiara and an impressive sari dress from one of her iconic companies, Jan Taminiau, in her last show in the country, did the same in the way she originally cultivated the classic tailor Let’s be speechless about accessories.

Sweden’s largest Netherlands/Gtres

This king They visited the Lindholmen Science Park to bring their trip to the Nordic countries to a successful conclusion. During the visit, Maxima and Guillermo met with scientists and companies that work with the government on innovations that contribute to sustainable urban development, sustainable mobility and digitalization.

for this visit The Queen chose a classic blazer and trousers. A classic model Zara Purple, slightly flared pants and a double-breasted jacket.This Argentina She upped her style with a flattering fuchsia blouse, one of the shades of the season. However, it is undoubtedly the tiara chosen by the queen that stands out the most.

Sweden's largest Netherlands/Gtres
Sweden’s largest Netherlands/Gtres

Máxima wears an original headband with rhinestones. Design by Nam Josh Company, priced at 55 euros, can be customized. The brand offers a variety of different color options, from fuchsia worn by the Queen to green, all of which are bright shades that will brighten any style. To protect yourself from the cold, a sophisticated burgundy coat complements heels, gloves and a bag. One set is only for the most daring, and the Queen used it to add a pop of color to chilly fall days.

This isn’t the first time Queen Maxima has surprised her with accessories. King William’s wife is adept at giving any style a different touch thanks to special accessories that not everyone dares to wear. For example, a few weeks ago, she wore a striking mussel necklace that left more than one person speechless. Likewise, her collection of insect brooches is world-renowned, and she doesn’t hesitate to wear sometimes-weird headpieces, which she defends with virtuosity.

Maxima and Willem of the Netherlands with Queen Silvia in Sweden / Gtres
Maxima and Willem of the Netherlands with Queen Silvia in Sweden / Gtres

King and Queen of the Netherlands visit Sweden In addition to Queen Maxima’s style, Argentina and her husband maintained a close relationship with the Swedish king, which left behind beautiful moments to remember.


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