This is BeReal, an innovative app that has become a “must have” for influencers


If there’s one app that has managed to climb the ladder in recent weeks, it’s undoubtedly BeReal.More and more familiar faces, especially influencerthey are in their story of Instagram The images captured on this innovative platform have managed to carve out a niche for themselves in one of the most notorious fields on the international stage. But what does it actually do?at this postal we tell you.

Model with phone/Gtres

When you create an account on BeReal, The app allows you to select some friends from your phone’s contact list, because it doesn’t have the following or acquaintances like other platforms.Once you have gathered the people you want to connect in this universe, you have the opportunity Capture images that will be reflected by the device’s internal and external cameras. The idea is that when the app sends a daily notification that a photo must be captured, it is The two-minute margin period shows the most relaxed and true side of all friends, unlike other apps whose main target is famous poses. As if that wasn’t enough, if you exceed the allowed time, the platform will let you take a photo of yourself, although the lag time you take to take the image will appear, so part of the essence of what you’re trying to achieve is lost.The finishing touch, the friends have a chance to react postal with your own face.

Model with phone/Gtres
Model with phone/Gtres

In this way, its creators have managed to reveal a application This breaks every scheme known so far, because while others manage to reflect the most beautiful part of a user’s life, or the part they want to show to the public, this one manages to show reality through random ads, which can work in you when you arrive, in bed, or even in the bathroom (though yes, you choose when to take photos).

This brand-new trend is a huge draw for some content creators, who are on other platforms like Instagram or Facebook, because BeReal offers the possibility to share snapshots taken in other applications. This is a very good way to advertise until you have enough users to be the largest.

Although BeReal has proven to be a huge success, especially among young people, there are still some people who hold out hope for its long-term future. That’s it, some users have suggested in other media (such as TikTok) that it might be a bit “boring” as an app that is only allowed once a day. But anyway, we’ll have to wait and see how it evolves in a few months.


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