This is Amador Mohedano after being admitted: new details


this Mohdano family He is still recovering from shock. This Friday, when Amador Mohedano was admitted to the hospital urgently, all alarms went off after the news that “it was noon” came to light. “I made some calls and they confirmed what you said. My children know that their aunt Gloria called them Because his father wanted them to know where he was, and they didn’t tell me so as not to scare me and continue the normal show,” his ex-wife Rosa Benito said in the above format.

Jesús Alba called it “Friday Deluxe” and talked about the performance of Amador Mohedano. /Telecinco

Obviously younger brother Rossio Jurado He started to feel unwell on Thursday night. As he later learned, gastrointestinal bleeding caused by severe anemia. As soon as the “social” show started, they revealed that it had already been one night “complicated” And Amador “has no rest, because he has been very nervous.” In addition, they said they must perform “Blood Transfusion”. They will conduct a series of tests throughout the day to determine the origin of the disease. In this way, it depends on the result, whether Gloria Camilla’s uncle will continue to be hospitalized.

Amador Mohedano in the file image.  /Gtres
Amador Mohedano in the file image. /Gtres

Also know that it has gone to the factory on Saturday morning, as the format shows Maria PatinoCurrently, a full-day visit is expected, although everything indicates that Rosa Benito will not appear.

This Friday, the “luxury car” came back, and Jesús Alba, a representative of Amador Mojdano, revealed his situation after the health setback suffered by his “biggest” brother at the scene. . “Much better. He is under observation, but tomorrow he may be transferred to the factory, and he will give an explanation when the situation improves,” he said. “He is repairing his dental problems, and it is more difficult for him to eat. For him, the topic of food is very subtle, he eats very little, it is true. We always’come on, Amador, you have to eat ‘”, the representative explained.

Amador Mohedano in the file image.  /Gtres
Amador Mohedano in the file image. /Gtres

Amador’s entry occurred a few hours after he had a dispute with Patiño in “Save me”. “I admire Amador very much, for me, he is a well-educated person.He never stopped answering a call from me I know what I said yesterday and I will bear the consequences of what I said. If Amador thinks it is appropriate to talk to me someday, I will talk to him,” the reporter said last night. Now, we have to wait for Mohedano to be here. How did Reis Hospital evolve after spending the last few hours, where they tried to find out what caused him to vomit blood.

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