This is a hair accessory from the 90s, which brings back the bad days of your hair


We all have days when our hair is not shiny. Then it’s best to do an updo, with medium loose or complete hair.So we have Hair snap the 90s The days when your hair was bad are back. It is worn by influential people, it is a simple and timeless item, but it solves those complicated days.

According to you as a princess, it is a work restored from the 90s, such as influential people Susanna bug And Chiara Ferragni, who won with street style.

Hair accessories from the 90s

We are talking about clamp hair, It has become a conditional accessory, although it is simple and fancy. The best thing is that we have different colors and bigger or smaller, depending on the thickness of your hair.

The model of the 90s has returned to the trend of the season with an updated version. Thanks to the re-adopting of its most brilliant models, such as Kelly and New forms and novelties There are metallic finishes, but there are also glitter, transparency and pearlescent. Choose yours!

Old-fashioned tweezers

Therefore, the old tweezers arrive again and will not disappear. So they are friendly to everyone, regardless of age, for girls, hair collected at 20 or 30 and above. They show complete comfort, design and practicality.

This is a hair accessory from the 90s, which brings back the bad days of your hair

Another feature of it is They manage to enhance the daily appearance, In addition to giving your hairstyle a new look.

In this case, You Are The Princess showed various models, such as Omega Blanco clips, XL Orange You Are The Princess, or the White Pearl Clip, Colorful clips, glitter, garnet triangle, XL purple, transparent omega and so on.

When did you put the 90s hairpin on your hair?

Well, there are many options and hairstyles to wear this clip as a series.The accessories company explained that it is related to Casual and neat hairstyleNostalgic hairstyles, stylize and make full use of our hair.

This is a hair accessory from the 90s, which brings back the bad days of your hair

They are bow knots that raise any appearance to the top, braids if you have thin hair, or semi-collections if your hair is thicker and even have loose strands.

As we saw on Instagram, tweezers are a Very versatile accessories Because there are many models of different colors, shapes and sizes to choose from.

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