This Gant duffel bag rocks it, a guaranteed hit


As we know, exercise is essential for health. And the best thing to do is to go to a gym where they can guide us. If you’re thinking of signing up or if you’re already going but need an accessory to carry your stuff, we’re sure you’ll love discovering this Gant sports bag. It’s the Archive Shield model, the definitive complement to carry out your routine with whatever you need.

This sports bag includes all the details that we can ask for in a basic gym bag, such as enough interior space for put some clothes in it if we shower there, a bottle of water or isotonic drink, bandages for the hands and others.

This is Gant sports bag

Your best companion for the gym

With an adjustable strap, for easy slinging over the shoulder for walking or cycling to the gym, this gym bag features a striking Archive Shield logo.

If we go to the most important thing, its dimensions, we find measurements of 49 cm long, 28 cm wide and 31 cm high, which are probably left over in most cases even during the winter months when we tend to train warmer.

When choosing a color, remember that you can choose between two equally interesting options, the marine and the roasted walnut. While the first offers a classic blue color, related to the sports field, the second is a bit more formal or urban. Depending on whether you only want to use it in the gym or if you plan to give it some other use, it will be convenient for you to choose one or the other.

This Gant duffel bag rocks it, a guaranteed hit

Vintage, but with today’s conveniences

The Archive Shield logo, which first appeared in the 1980s and gives it a certain retro look, this one sports bag offers the user absolutely every comfort one of the most modern models, with its main pocket, straps and also flexibility.

This is provided by materials of the highest quality: 100% cotton for both exterior and lining. Textiles which, however, are part of Gant’s program “Better cotton initiative”, in favor of a more sustainable fashion industry.

It means cotton that this bag is made ofor, and some other of their articles, are in a reclaimed proportion.

The bag is priced to match its aesthetics and durability. A cost of 100 euros which is not unreasonable considering that it can withstand intensive use such as the gym or a weekend trip, and that it will be able to accompany you in all your activities for years.


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