This dress looks good on any body: it makes you taller, gift it to your invisible friend


The invisible friend is one of the most widespread traditions at Christmas parties. If you don’t know how to beat your sister or your best friend, for example in Zara’s new collection We have signed a party dress that you are sure to love. It is very elegant for the New Year’s party!

Zara’s most special dress for Christmas

Many of the dresses we look at for Christmas holidays They are strapless and with distinct necklines. Considering that it is the middle of winter, they are not the most suitable because it is very complicated not to get cold with them.

Instead, this one Inditex flagship It has everything to become the favorite for a special occasion like New Year’s Eve. It is made of knitted fabric and has a high neck and long sleeves, so you don’t have to worry about the cold with it.

Have open back detail and twist knitting, which makes the silhouette look very feminine without giving up the elegance. It has a side zipper hidden in the seam, so it adapts exactly to the shape of the body.

The night blue color It is a great success, and it combines perfectly with metallic tones like silver. The dress is midi length, so to visually lengthen the figure and stylize the legs, it is best to combine it with high-heeled shoes.

There is also the option of wearing the party dress with some high heeled boots. For Christmas, some fashion brands, both luxury and low-priced, have a sale on sequined boots, which are a great option to be the queen of the party.

Of course beyond the key moment of ChristmasIt is an ideal dress for other special occasions, such as a romantic dinner or an outing with friends. Zara has just launched it on its online store, and it has already become a sales success.

And the truth is that it is not too less, because it is one very elegant and special garment for a night out in the winter. If you want to buy it to surprise the invisible friend, it is available for 35.95 euros, from size XS to XXL.

On the web, you can also check the availability of your Zara store closest. In addition, there is a very complete size guide so you can make the right purchase.


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