This Decathlon thermal sweater has several uses, it is used both for the snow and to avoid the cold


Most sports that can be practiced in the summer also have their place in the winter despite the low temperatures. However, you must be aware that certain precautions are necessary to prevent exercise from being harmful. Among them is the team, and this Decathlon thermal shirtindoor skis and snow, is an example.

It is a product designed for lovers of these two disciplines, although you can use it for many others. Even when it is ideal for its properties to be exposed to ice water, It will be useful in any kind of training on icy days. Any physical activity becomes a little more pleasant if you manage to warm up your body in just a few minutes.

Discover the Decathlon thermal shirt

The brand indicates that this item has been designed for those looking for a “warm and comfortable undergarment thanks to the scraped component”, in addition to other interesting features such as flat seams and the stretch knit that make it extremely versatile.

On the other hand, they add that it is made from recycled materials and according to the Dope Dyed technique, a dyeing method that does not require water, and therefore it is one of the first measures adopted by the companies committed to a more sustainable textile industry, where the planet’s resources are not exploited but instead take advantage of other systems that the sector develops.

Colors and sizes

And the last advantage that they highlight is that we will be able to buy it in both black and white, two common shades that are basic but no less attractive for it. If you want a couple of load variants, you can keep one and alternate them.

This Decathlon thermal sweater has several uses, it is used both for the snow and to avoid the cold

On the other hand, we recommend paying attention to the different sizes, because everything from XS to XXL because it is a garment that must be well adapted to the body so that the cold does not penetrate and be an obstacle to exercising outdoors.

Price and shipping

The cost of this thermal underwear for skiing and Decathlon snow is 5.99 euros, so it is an accessible value for most people. In fact, you’d be wise to buy a few because while shipping to stores is free, five of them are also delivered to your door at no cost. If you don’t need that many, you can pick them up at your store and return them without penalty, up to 60 days.


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