This book will tell the most personal truth about Amalia de Hollanda

There are still a few months away from the eldest daughter King Maxima and Guillermo, this Princess AmaliaAlthough it is too early to know how to celebrate this special birthday, it has just announced that a book will be published that will reveal the little-known details of the young woman’s life so far.

Emalia, Alexia and Princess Ariane in Huis Ten Bosch / Gtres archive image

As the royal family confirmed through a statement, writers and artists Claudia Debrey Is the author of a book AmaliaAnd collected all the keys he met with the princess in recent months. Uitgeverij Pluim publishing house will publish a book in mid-November.

According to royal reports, for this work, the author had the opportunity to have some private conversations with the royal family. The eldest daughter of King Maxima and Guillermo. Most importantly, in the meetings held before and during the summer of 2021, Amalia has been commenting with the author on aspects that most people don’t know. For example, the granddaughter of Princess Beatrice of the Netherlands talked about her love of music. She shared her passion for horse riding and everything related to horses with her mother Queen Maxima, and other questions similar to her about waiting for her. The most inspiring thoughts on the future and how she faced her role as heir. more importantly, This book contains a large number of photos and information from Princess Amalia’s personal archives, Until now it has not been publicly displayed.

This is not the first time a book about the coming of age of the heir to the Orange throne has been published, but this is a Dutch tradition. In 1985, Renate Rubinstein wrote Alexander, In the image of the current monarch, and in 1955, Halas exist Portrait of Princess Beatrice.

Multifaceted author

Claudia de Breij (1975) is one of the most versatile women in the Netherlands. In addition to being a writer, she is also a singer and actress. She is the author of many books and won Poelifinario for her cabaret show in 2010 Hutt FriedIn addition, it also carries Louis Davidzlin, A Dutch award in the field of Cabaret art since 2015.This fall, he will perform at Teatro Real Carré Haile Ben Eck.

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