This Bershka sweater is the bestseller: a true classic that goes with everything


Oversized sweaters are one of those essential pieces in a women’s wardrobe, especially now that we’re approaching winter. Since the fall season, many of them have worn some of the latest proposals from the top Spanish fashion brands, and we highlight this Sweater from Bershka.

It has a striped turtleneck and is really interesting because of its price/quality ratio and its interesting features.

Discover why this Bershka sweater is the bestseller

Available in four colors that we will analyze later, it is the classic jersey but with one oversized design, adapt to modern trends that invite you to wear elaborate garments to look a couple of sizes bigger.

An ideal option for these days

This oversized striped sweater from Bershka It is a perfect alternative to meet the routine on cold autumn days. You will leave home early in the morning and return late at night, and in both cases you will be protected by its warm textiles.

Available in shades of black, gray, raw and sand, You have four colors to choose from that easily adapt to the use you will give it. While black and gray are the best solution for offices and formal situations, we find in raw colors and stylish clothes Thinking about an outing with your partner or your friends, where bright tones take center stage and help you relax.

Sizes and materials

As for its measurements, you will be able to buy this product in sizes from XS to XL, so check its measurements to make sure you get the one that fits your body best, regardless of size. Bershka’s return policy is very flexible.

The garment in question has been made from a combination of 43% acrylic, 29% polyester and 28% polyamide, resulting in an item that is comfortable to the touch, that you will love to wear when the temperature starts to drop and your base. -the shirt is no longer enough. .

Price, shipping and returns

Collection at any of Bershka’s brand stores is free, and you can choose which of its stores you will receive it from. If you need to return it, you can do so within 30 days of distribution and you will not be charged a fee to do so.

Finally, the price of this shirt is 22.99 euroswhich is not bad for the finish of its material and the simple but charming look it offers, turning it into one of those coats that you always have in your bag or suitcase when you leave home.


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