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Emilio “El Indio” Fernandez He is one of the most important personalities of the Golden age of Mexican cinemaWell, he not only acted in several films, he was also the director of many of them, which is why he opened the doors to show business for some actresses, including Blanca Sanchez, a young talent he met when the filmmaker was in jail because he was accused of murder of a man

In 1976, the protagonist of “Wild flower“He was looking for locations to shoot his new movie”North of mexico“That’s how he found a piece of land in Torreon, Coahuila. On that occasion got involved in a fight with some peasants, Due to the strong personality of the actor, he did not “allow himself”, so he also confronted them, however, at one point things got out of control and Fernández took a weapon and shot Javier Aldecoa Robles in the chest, who died a few hours later. This is how the star of the big screen ended up in jail.

“El Indio” Fernández was an outstanding director who launched several actresses to fame Photo: Special

Indio Fernández discovered this actress in jail

While his peers in the media were looking for ways to get him out of jail and his lawyers were trying to settle the case in his favor, “The Indian” Fernandez He spends his time doing some activities including watching TV, and that’s where he saw the melodrama.”My sister the Baby “, from 1976, which despite being starring Saby Kamalich, Jorge Lavat and Yolanda Merida, the director was delighted with Blanca Sanchez, that had a secondary character, but that stood out for his talent, They tell some anecdotes of the time.

The actor, who was 72 years old at the time, wanted to meet Blanca since she seemed like an actress with a lot of angel. So after getting out of prison, despite having been sentenced to four years six and a half months, and paid a bond of 150 thousand pesos, Fernández went to meet the celebrity he had seen in a soap opera. The filmmaker wanted him to star in “México norte”, a film that was an adaptation of “small town“, a film starring pains of the riverthe first Mexican diva to achieve prominence in Hollywood.

Although I had had several conversations with Emilio Fernandez and had even compared her wardrobe to the film set, the actress did not keep the role, from the National Chamber of the Film Industry (conazine) He made “El Indio” on the condition that, to finance the filming, he had to choose PAtricia Reyes Spindola, for which Blanca Sánchez was left out of the project in which she would be under the direction of one of the legends of the Cine de Oro.

Blanca Sánchez stood out on the radio, film, television and theater Photo: Special

Who was Blanca Sanchez?

Blanca Aurora Sanchez de la Fuente, Full name of the artist, she was born in Mexico City on March 2, 1946. She was part of a family of artists, since her father was the composer Luis Sánchez Silva, and her mother was the radio actress Ofelia de la Fuente, also, his brother was an actor Sergio Sanchez. For this reason, from a very young age she became involved in show business, which is why at the age of 9 she participated in the radio soap opera “Conflictand later he made the leap to teletheater with “Nights of anguish” starring Ignacio López Tarso and Silvia Derbez.

The actress worked in film, theater and television, for which she has a long list of projects such as “La tormenta”, “Chuco el Roto”, “Les miserables”, “Living in love”, “Quinceañera”, “Love in the silence” and “Lola, once upon a time”, on the small screen, while in the seventh art it is remembered for “Four against crime”, “When the children leave”, “The lie” and “The sacred mountain” , to mention some of the productions.

Blanca Sánchez died on January 7, 2010, after spending a month in the Santalena Hospital in the Mexican capital, due to kidney problems. The actress entered the clinic at the end of 2009, however, little by little she was showing improvement, so her death surprised her friends and family, who hoped that her celebrity would soon come out of that condition.


Emilio “Indio” Fernández was the cousin of a famous Golden Film actor whom he eclipsed with his success

Emilio “El Indio” Fernández triumphed at the Cine de Oro on the advice of the controversial former president of Mexico


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