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In Reunion (May 27, 2022), a cachectic dog was found in a garden in the rain. His owner came home on time and did not feed or drink the animals. A lawsuit has been filed against him, and the 30M Friends Foundation is filing a civil lawsuit.

desperate ! Lovely, a 9-year-old working dog, was saved only by a report and rescuers’ life-saving actions RPA Association, on Reunion Island. The animal was dying in the garden of a house in Le Tampon during the downpour.

Commitment to important prognosis

she was frozenAssociation President Caroline Baroche testified. She can’t stand up anymore. I cried when I saw him… “According to the veterinarian who was able to consult, the dog was suffering from ‘dehydration’, ‘severe malnutrition’ and ‘cachexia’. She ‘was only 8kg when she should have been 15’, the practitioner said in his report He added. His survival was “completed within hours of his rescue”. She was placed in an incubator and dripped. His vital prognosis was “very conservative” at the time.

According to the testimony, the lovely will be ” According to legend » His last master did it« Stayed at her place only once a week and didn’t feed her “.” She wouldn’t be able to make it through the weekend without this rescueLoose Caroline. it’s a real miracle “.

pampered bitch

Today, Lovely is indeed much better. In the favor of the RPA team, she regained her strength…and weight. ” she is 16 pounds nowglad Caroline. We made him some delicious food. Too greedy and must be regulated! She is grateful.It’s a wonderful love. »

The APEBA association, which is particularly active in Reunion, has lodged complaints of food deprivation against animal owners. The 30 Million Friends Foundation filed a civil lawsuit with him.

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