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Cheap mobile plans on the best French mobile networks! That’s it for Orange’s new promotion on the 80 GB plan.Until June 30, 2022, this non-binding mobile plan is available at a reduced price of €9.99 per month thanks to promo code ETE22

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Orange rarely lowers the price of its mobile plans. When it comes, you must know how to take advantage of it and subscribe as soon as possible to save money and benefit from the quality of your mobile network, designated by Arcep as the number one network in France.

Good news, that time has come! Until June 30th, the incumbent carriers will be offering interesting promotions on their 80 GB plans. An instant discount of €20 per month for the first year on any new subscription. The price is therefore reduced to 9.99 euros per month. After the promotional period ends, the subscription reverts to the original price of €29.99 per month.However, as orange plan It is now non-binding and you can cancel the offer at any time.

How can I use the Orange 80 GB plan for 9.99 euros?

With this Orange mobile plan, you will benefit from an 80 GB internet envelope that can be used in mainland France, Switzerland/Andorra, Europe and overseas sectors. Other than that, you can still access the internet, but at a reduced speed.

The package also allows unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France and the aforementioned destinations.

To buy this Orange 80 GB plan for €9.99 per month, just follow these few steps:

  • Choose the no-commitment 80 GB plan by clicking “Continue to this plan”;
  • configure your offer in the “Personalize Your Offer” and “Configure My Line” sections;
  • Enter promo code ETE2022 in the “Your Order” section before validating your order.

After completing all these steps, you will be able to take advantage of your 80 GB plan at a low price.

Why love the Orange 80 GB plan?

Orange is a premium mobile operator. A complete and high-quality mobile package benefits from the best mobile networks in France. The Orange 4G network covers more than 99% of the metropolitan area.

Network quality also tops the list, as it averages 74 Mbit/s for download and 13 Mbit/s for upload.

That’s why this promotion is the most interesting. It offers access to the best French mobile networks at low prices.

This Orange mobile plan can also be cancelled at any time as it is not binding.

what you have to remember

  • – Orange 80 GB plan, no commitment, 9.99 euros/month for a year, then 29.99 euros/month;
    – Offer valid until June 30, 2022.

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