They urge Latin America to embark on digital transformation


Mexico City (EFE).- Various experts on Thursday issued an urgent appeal to Latin American countries to embark on digital transformation processes to create positive technologies for the environment and education.

Así lo manifestaron en una charla celebrada en el marco de la primera Cumbre Regional de Talentos en Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación, organized by the tecnológica china Huawei in collaboration with Unesco and the EFE Agency, which is celebrated in the Mexican capital is Thursday and Friday.

In response to questions from the panel moderator, Agencia EFE’s Deputy Editorial Director for the Americas, Raquel Godos, Mexican economist Clemente Ruiz noted that technological advances must go hand in hand with the preservation of the planet.

(id) Host Raquel Godos, Deputy Editorial Director for the Americas at Agencia EFE; Harry Peralta, CEO of the Harper Company; and Zaida Ruth Caiguara, former winner of the “Seeds for the Future” program promoted by Huawei, participate today in the Regional Summit of Talents of Information and Communication Technologies, in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE/Alex Cruz

“Young people will have to build positive technology for nature. We must move away from a global economy based on environmental degradation. How can we grow economies without destroying the environment? Ruiz said.

He insisted that economies, so far, have been “exclusive” and recommended that governments begin “a new virtuous cycle” in which new generations build a new path through IT. information and communication technology (ICT) and the digital economy.

The challenges of digital transformation

Another of the speakers, the director of the Digital Laboratory of National Education of Chile, Catalina Araya, explained the need to work with students so that they know how to face the challenges of the new digital era.

“Let them invite us to create projects, to understand the communities, the needs of their territories, and from there to propose concrete solutions”, he proposed.

In addition, she highlighted the importance of breaking stereotypes that prevent more women from devoting themselves to technological innovation from childhood.

“That we are more women participating in the technology industry is key, in Chile we are only 20%,” she lamented.

“Seeds for the Future”

In the same vein, the general manager of the Harper company, the Dominican Harry Peralta, stressed the importance of training students and teachers in technological tools, since these “are the key to everything we do”.

He also recommended that new generations be supported through scholarships, internships or jobs.

“It is very difficult for a young person who does not have the economic resources or the knowledge to adapt to the reality of the market,” he added.

Zaida Ruth Caiguara, former winner of the Seeds for the Future program promoted by Huawei, speaks today at the Regional Talent Summit in Information and Communication Technologies, in Mexico City, Mexico. EFE/Alex Cruz

Finally, the former winner of the “Seeds for the Future” program promoted by Huawei, Argentina’s Zaida Ruth Caiguara, stressed that the world is moving towards a “democratization of education” in which minorities “must be part of the solution “.

“You have to give meaning to knowledge. It allows us to accelerate the way we create technology and to do it mindfully,” he said.


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