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They saw a dog in front of the shopping mall

The dog didn’t even have a leash and didn’t move.

Jackson is a cute three-year-old golden retriever. He was adopted from a shelter by his new father Steve in 2011. But Jackson is not a classic dog, he is a dog that everyone wants to have!

A few days after being adopted in the asylum, Jackson went out for a walk with his owner. His owner wanted to buy things in a big mall. Unable to bring his dog into the store, Steve decided to leave Jackson in front on the street without even taking the time to tie him up.

A dog that stops passersby

Seeing this dog alone in the street, many passersby were taken aback. Many of them decided to take a closer look at the dog because there was a sign hanging on his neck. The sign read: “My dad asked me to wait here. So I was waiting.”

Under the curse of this dog, it is very smart and does not need to be tied up, but waits very calmly for his master, and many people come to pet him and talk to him. If Steve is happy to see his dog’s success, he is also surprised: “Everyone wants to take him away. When you know that no one wanted him until he was in the shelter a few weeks ago, I found this Unbelievable. “

Of course, Jackson did not become so patient in a few hours. Steve trained him for several weeks to achieve this incredible result. But today, the brave puppy can wait quietly while his owner is doing other things, even in the middle of the road!

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