They revealed their most intimate secrets from Amalia de Holanda

This is a Dutch tradition, and there is no doubt that it will be very popular in Spain. Amalia, the eldest daughter of Máxima and Guillermo, is approaching adulthood, and she accepted a series of interviews that contributed to the book published this week about her. The same happened to his father in 1985, and the same happened to his grandmother Princess Beatrice in 1955.

This book contains pictures from the princess’s personal album, revealing many unprecedented things about Amalia’s life. She had a digital meeting with the author this Monday, which can be enjoyed on Instagram. This number has been contacted by Rick Evers, a well-known expert in the Royal Family of Orange, who once shared with LOOK Their impression of this book.

King Guillermo and his daughter Amalia/GTRES

For him, it’s very remarkable “This is a book she doesn’t think it is necessary to publish”In its page, the daughter of Máxima Zorreguieta wants to know what she has achieved, so that her life is recorded when she was 17 years old. Very coherently, judging from the data collected, his childhood was normal under this situation. “When I was young, Amalia plays with Barbie dressed as a princess and watches a princess movie, Especially Princess Sissi, one of her favorites, and Maxima’s jewelry. “

Amalia and her mother from the Netherlands / GTRES
Amalia and her mother from the Netherlands / GTRES

Evers emphasized the fact that the princess is “Realize that you need government support”Amalia expressed her concern about what would happen if she didn’t get it, “But what if the council does not approve the’support me, the person I love, the person I want to spend my life with’?-‘I can’t choose at my own expense. So I cannot do my best for our country”. Although he doesn’t know any relationship, he does know what he wants his wedding to be like:«The relationship need not be secret, but it should be private.». She thinks Germans are braver and polite. After a long time, he wanted children. As for the wedding plan: She already has advanced ideas about the wedding dress. “

Dutch Royal Family / GTRES
Dutch Royal Family / GTRES

this After years of eating disorders and mental illness, his aunt passed away in 2018 This is something Amalia is very concerned about, and it is also related to mental health. She talked about it without shame. I don’t think this is taboo. And there is no problem saying it in public. Sometimes this becomes too much for me, school, and friends, and I have to talk to someone. I make an appointment (at the psychologist) and vent.I think it’s normal to talk to professionals from time to time, especially after something happened to my aunt. Everyone is talking about healthy food and exercise, which is also very important. But why is mental health different?

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