They put their hands on a Picasso painting in Australia to protest climate change


Two people put their hands in a box this Sunday Pablo Picasso On display at a museum in Melbourne, southeast Australia, it aims to draw attention to the climate crisis.

Police arrested two activists and another who helped them after they managed to remove glue from protesters’ hands with the cover that protected the painting, Public Channel Australia reported. ABC.

During the protest, activists aged 59 and 49 unfurled a banner at their feet that read: “Climate Chaos = War + Famine”according to reports Eph.

[Activistas climáticos boicotean el Acciona Open de España de golf: taparon con cemento varios hoyos]

“Climate collapse will mean increased conflict around the world. Now is the time for every agency to step up and take action!” said the environmental group Extinction Rebellion, of which the activists are part, on your Facebook profile.

Fortunately, this painting korean massacrepart of a temporary exhibition on Spanish painters at the National Gallery of Victoria, and no harm.



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