They patent a breathalyzer that immobilizes the car before a positive result


Málaga, (EFE).- The Drivelock technology development company has patented and launched a breathalyzer that prevents the vehicle from starting if the driver’s test is positive and blocks it until the test is negative.

This device integrates the terminal with a mobile application that allows you to control alcohol by measuring the air exhaled through human breathing, so that it offers a “reliable and precise” measurement in the diagnosis of alcohol intoxication , as the Malaga-based company reported on Thursday.

Drivelock, as is also the case called the breathalyzerworks with electrochemical fuel cell sensor technology that analyzes breath.

Así, el usuario sopla a través de la boquilla y el device transmite los datos al teléfono para mostrar el nivel de alcohol en sangre, un proceso que hay que realizar frente a la cámara del móvil para o obtain el resultado, lo que impide que sople other person.

USB rechargeable battery

It works with a rechargeable battery via a micro-USB cable, and must be calibrated once a year, for which the company has created its own breathalyzer calibration center in Malaga, the first in the country.

The objective of this system is to provide maximum safety at the wheel by preventing the car from starting until the driver passes a breathalyzer test, since in the event of a positive result the vehicle would be blocked until the test is repeated and a negative result is obtained.

Likewise, it has several boot systems on the server for emergencies or possible registry failures.
The founder of Drivelock, José González Villodres, explained that the project is the result of the need to innovate by virtue of the safety of people, with the aim of raising awareness among citizens of the damage that driving under the influence of the alcohol. .

On July 6, the new law on traffic and road safety came into force, by which the connection interface for alcohol interlocks is mandatory in Spain for vehicles used for the transport of passengers by road.

Wired Breathalyzer in Spain

European regulations establish the obligation for vehicles approved from July 6 of this year and newly registered from July 2024 to carry this interface, but the company gives citizens the possibility of integrating their breathalyzer “in a way quick and easy”.

This same company patented the wired breathalyzer in Spain a few years ago and is now launching this wireless radiofrequency system adaptable to any vehicle.

One of its main advantages is that when switching from ITV the user does not need an additional card, since by not handling the serial installation it is not necessary to homologate an engine modification. EFE

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